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Title: A Novel Multiple Access Scheme using MSE-OFDM for Uplink
Authors: Singh, P
Chakrabarti, Saswat
Rajakumar, R V
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IIT Delhi
Citation: First UK-India International Workshop on Cognitive Wireless Systems (UKIWCWS), December 11-12 2009, IIT Delhi, India
Abstract: This paper presents a novel multiple access scheme for uplink of future mobile communications using Multi- Symbol Encapsulated Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MSE-OFDM). MSE-OFDM is a bandwidth efficient OFDM scheme, where a number of OFDM symbols are grouped together as a frame and protected by one single cyclic prefix (CP). This reduces the extent of redundancy caused by the CP and increases the bandwidth efficiency of the system. In the proposed scheme, a number of OFDM symbols from one user are grouped and one cyclic prefix is used for a group of symbols. Thus, we can get better spectral efficiency as compared to conventional OFDMA. The FFT size is also reduced, which improves the robustness to synchronization errors and reduces the PAPR.
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