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Title: Modeling of a novel multi-stage bubble column scrubber for flue gas desulfurization
Authors: Meikap, B C
Kundu, G
Biswas, M N
Keywords: Flue gas
Wet scrubber
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol 86, Iss 3, P 331-342
Abstract: Desulfurization of flue gases from various chemical industries in a techno-econo-enviro manner is a demanding technology. The concentrations of sulfur dioxide in and around these plants overshoot the danger point. In the present investigation, an attempt has been made for wet flue gas desulfurization using water as the absorbing medium in a newly developed scrubber. Prediction of SO2 removal efficiency is very important for selection of pollution control equipment. The present paper reports on both the modeling and detailed experimental investigations on the scrubbing of SO2 in the modified multi-stage bubble column scrubber (MMSBCS) using water. Experimental results show that almost 100% removal efficiency of SO2, can be achieved in the present system without additives or pre-treatment. A comparison has been made between the predicted and experimental percentage removal efficiency of SO2. Experimental results are in excellent agreement with the predicted values from the model.
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