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Title: Flow Distribution in Meandering Compound Channel Flow
Authors: Khatua, K K
Patra, K C
Keywords: Meandering River,
Meandering River,
Flow Interaction,
Flow distribution,
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Journal of Hydraulic research, ISH December.2009
Abstract: When the flows in natural or man made channel sections exceed the main channel depth, the adjoining floodplains become inundated and carry part of the river discharge. Due to different hydraulic conditions prevailing in the river and floodplain of a compound channel, the mean velocity in the main channel and in the floodplain are different. This leads to the transfer of momentum between the main channel water and that of the floodplain making the flow structure more complex. Reliable estimates of discharge capacity and its distribution for a compound channel are essential for the design, operation, and maintenance of open channels, more importantly for the prediction of flood and flood protection measures of a two-stage compound channel.
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