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Title: Alkylation of Ethanolamines: An Approach to a Novel Class of Functional Surfactants
Authors: Mishra, B K
Mukherjee, P
Dash, S
Patel, S
Pati, H N
Keywords: Functional surfactants
gemini surfactants
Menschutkin reaction
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Citation: Synthetic Communications,Volume 39 No 14, Pages 2529 — 2539
Abstract: Some monomeric and dimeric surfactants with functional head groups have been synthesized from di- and triethanolamine synthons. The treatment of alkyl bromide with triethanolamine resulted in simultaneous N-alkylation and O-alkylation products. However, with diethanolamine, N-alkylated products were obtained, which were further used to synthesize various double-tailed surfactants and gemini surfactants.
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