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Title: The Stable and Precise Motion Control for Multiple Mobile Robots
Authors: Parhi, D R K
Pradhan, Saroj Kumar
Panda, A K
Behera, R K
Keywords: Mobile robots
Obstacle avoidance
Target seeking
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Applied Soft Computing, Volume 9, 2009, pages 477–487
Abstract: Intelligent path planning of multiple mobile robots has been addressed in this paper. Cooperative behaviour can be achieved using several mobile robots, which require online inter-communication among themselves. In the present investigation rule-based and rule-based- neuro-fuzzy techniques are analyzed for multiple mobile robots navigation in an unknown or partially known environment. The final aims of the robots are to reach some pre-defined goals. Based upon a reference motion, direction; distances between the robots and obstacles; distances between the robots and targets; different types of rules are taken heuristically and refined later to find the steering angle. The control system combines a repelling influence related to the distance between robots and nearby obstacles and with an attracting influence between the robots and targets. Then a hybrid rule-based-neuro-fuzzy technique is analyzed to find the steering angle of the robots. Results show that the proposed rule-based-neuro-fuzzy technique can improve navigation performance in complex and unknown environments compared to this simple rule-based technique.
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