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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2022g-C3N4 Catalyzed Photo-Decarboxylative Functionalization of Benzylic C(Sp3)-H with carbonyl moiety: - An Alternative of Grignard’s ReactionBishi, Sangita
Mar-2024g-C3N4 Dots Functionalized with L-Glutathione for Fluorescent Sensing of Pb2+ in Aqueous MediaPattnayak, Samarjit; Hota, Garudadhwaj
Jul-2016G-Resilient Supplier Selection in Fuzzy Environment: Application Potential of Satisfaction Function and Distance Based ApproachSen, D K; Datta, S; Patel, S K; Mahapatra, S S
1996Gain scheduling adaptive control strategies for HVDC systems using fuzzy logicDash, P K; Routray, A; Panda, S K
Oct-2023Gait Event Prediction of People with Cerebral Palsy using Feature Uncertainty: A Low-Cost ApproachChakraborty, Saikat; Thomas, Noble; Nandy, Anup
Feb-2015The GALEX Observations of Planetary NebulaePradhan, A C; Parthasarathy, M; Murthy, J; Ojha, D K
Mar-2017Galex Observations of Planetary NebulaePradhan, Ananta C
Jan-2023Gallic Acid Mediated SIRT1 Activation Directs Asymmetric Mitochondrial Fission Followed by Mitophagic Flux Inhibition to Induce Apoptotic Cell DeathPatra, Srimanta; Bhutia, Sujit Kumar
Dec-2019Game Theoretic Approach for Real-time Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing EnvironmentPatra, Manoj Kumar; Sahoo, Sampa; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Jan-2020Game Theoretic Task Allocation to Reduce Energy Consumption in Containerized CloudPatra, Manoj Kumar; Patel, Dimple; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
2009Gap solitons and modulation instability in a dynamic Bragg grating with nonlinearity managementJoseph, Ancemma; Senthilnathan, K; Porsezian, K; Dinda, P Tchofo
2007Gas Holdup in a Three Phase Fluidized Bed with Cylinderical ParticlesJena, H M; Roy, G K; Meikap, B C
2007Gas Holdup in a Three-phase Fulidized Bed with Cylinderical ParticlesJena, H M; Roy, G K; Meikap, B C
Jan-2024Gastric Stability of Bare and Biopolymer Fabricated Ferritin: Implication Towards Potential Dietary Iron SupplementRaut, Rohit Kumar; Behera, Rabindra Kumar
Feb-1981Gas—Solids Fluidization in Baffled BedsKrishnamurty, S; Murty, J S N; Roy, G K; Pakala, V S
2013A Gaussian Mixture Model with Gaussian Weight Learning Rate and Foreground Detection using Neighbourhood CorrelationPanda, D K; Meher, S
Mar-2018Gelatin Chitosan and Bioactive Nanoceramic based Composite Scaffold for Orthopaedic ApplicationDasgupta, Sudip
Sep-2018Gelatin Chitosan and Nano Bioactive Glass based Scaffold for Bone Tissue EngineeringDasgupta, Sudip
Sep-2019Gen Y Engagement and Branding: An Integrated SEM-AHP ApproachTiwari, Binita
Mar-2024Gender, Memory, and Postcolonialism; Reading Indian Jewish Diaspora in the Memoirs of Ruby Daniel, Sadia Shepard, and Jael SillimanSoman, Neha