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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Microstructure and mechanical properties of nano-Y2O3 dispersed ferritic steel synthesized by mechanical alloying and consolidated by pulse plasma sinteringKarak, S K; Majumdar, J Dutta; Lojkowski, W; Michalski, A; Ciupinski, L; Kurzydłowski, K J; Manna, I
Jul-2019Microstructure development, mechanical behavior of pure Mo, Mo-Ni and nano Y 2 O 3 dispersed Mo-Ni alloys fabricated by mechanical alloying pressureless sinteringBehera, G K; Patra, Anshuman; Mishra, B
Jun-2017Microstructure Induced Tunable Magnetocapacitance Response of Barium Titanate- Ferrite Composite SystemsSreenivasulu, Pachari; Pratihar, Swadesh Kumar; Nayak, Bibhuti Bhusan
2008Microstructure, Adhesion, and Erosion Wear of Plasma Sprayed Alumina–Titania Composite CoatingsMishra, S C; Sahu, Anupama; Das, Rojaleena; Satapathy, Alok; Sen, S; Ananthapadmanabhan, P V; Sreekumar, K P
Nov-2022Microstructure, texture, and mechanical properties of Mg and its alloy during grain growthPanda, D; Tripathy, S; Sabat, R.K.; Sueas, S; Sahoo, S
Dec-2018Microwave assisted High Energy Ball Milling Synthesis of SBT Nano-CeramicsSahu, Rashmirekha; Kumar, Pawan
Nov-2012Milling effect on Cu-graphite metal matrix composite prepared by powder metallurgy routeSamal, C P; Parihar, J S; Chaira, D
Jan-2012Mine Closure Planning Issues and Strategies in The Indian ContextTripathy, D P
Dec-2011Miners work injury determination using Bayesian structural equation modelChatterjee, S; Dash, R K
Feb-2020Minimizing Energy Consumption in Software Defined NetworksKurroliya, Kuldeep; Mohanty, Sagarika; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Kanodia, Khushboo
2007Minimum fluidization velocities and maximum bed pressure drops for gas–solid tapered fluidized bedsSau, D C; Mohanty, S; Biswal, K C
2002Minimum Fluidization Velocity in Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds with Co-axial Rod and Disk PromotersKumar, A; Roy, G K
2009Mitigating DDoS attack and Saving Computational Time using a Probabilistic approach and HCF methodSwain, Biswa Ranjan; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Dec-2016Mitigation of Power Quality Problem in Underground Mine Using Different Control StrategiesSukanth, T; Jayanthu, S
Jan-2023Mitochondrial Pyrophosphatase PPA2 Promotes Mitochondrial Fission and Mitophagy to Inhibit Apoptosis During Cisplatin Treatment in Oral Squamous Cell CarcinomaMishra, Soumya Ranjan; Bhutia, Sujit Kumar
Dec-2016Mitophagy induction through mito CYP1B1/MnSOD axis facilitates Benzo[a]pyrene-mediated cell deathBhutia, Sujit Kumar; Das, Durgesh Nandini; Panda, Prashanta Kumar; Naik, Prajna Paramita
1984Mixed convection flow of a micropolar fluid from an isothermal vertical plateJena, S K; Mathur, M N
Jan-2012Mixed Convection from an Exponentially Stretching Surface in Non-Darcy Porous Medium with Soret and Dufour EffectsRamReddy, Ch
2012Mixed Convection from an Exponentially Stretching Surface in Non-Darcy Porous Mediumin the Presence of Soret and Dufour EffectsRamReddy, Ch