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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2015Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna for Cognitive Radio ApplicationsKumar, N; Ananda Raju, P; Behera, S K
May-2017Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless ApplicationsHota, Snehasis; Das, Tanmaya Kumar; Behera, Santanu Kumar
2008Frequency-Domain Block Filtered-x NLMS Algorithm for Multichannel ANCDas, K K; Satapathy, J K
Dec-2021Frequency/Isolation Reconfigurable Compact Novel Quad-Element MIMO Configuration for WLAN/WiMAX ApplicationsAyinala, Kabir Das; Sahu, Prasanna Kumar
2004Fretting Wear Behavior of Ti(CN)-Based Advanced CermetsSarkar, D; Manoj Kumar, B V; Ahn, S; Kang, S; Basu, B
2003Fretting Wear of TiCN-Ni Cermet: Influence of Secondary Carbide ContentSarkar, D; Ahn, S; Kang, S; Basu, B
Nov-2012The Friction and Wear behavior of modified rice husk filled epoxy compositeAcharya, S K; Samantrai, S P
Oct-2014Friction and Wear Behaviour of Plasma Sprayed Fly Ash Added Red Mud CoatingsSutar, H; Roy, D; Mishra, S C; Chakraverty, A P; Maharana, H S
Dec-2011Friction and Wear Behaviour of Silica Carbide-Alumina Nano CompositesAcharya, S K; Raghavendra, G; Korra, S B
Dec-2022Friction Factor Prediction of Heterogeneous Channel Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)Ajit, P; Meher, M; Dash, S; Sharma, A
Dec-2011Fryze Power Theory with Adaptive-HCC based Active Power Line ConditionersKaruppanan, P; Mahapatra, K K; Jeyaraman, K; Viji, J
Mar-2018FSO Link Performance Analysis with Different Modulation Techniques under Atmospheric TurbulenceSahu, Manish; Kiran, Kappala Vinod; Das, Santos Kumar
Sep-2012FTIR and Raman Spectroscopic Investigations of a Norfloxacin/Carbopol934 Polymeric SuspensionSahoo, S; Chakraborti, C K; Behera, P K; Mishra, S C
Jun-2011FTIR and Raman Spectroscopic Investigations of Controlled Release Ofloxacin / HPMC Mucoadhesive SuspensionSahoo, S; Chakraborti, C K; Mishra, S C
Jan-2011FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy as a Tool for Analyzing Sustained Release Hydrogel of Ciprofloxacin/Carbopol PolymerSahoo, S; Chakraborti, C K; Mishra, S C; Naik, S; Nanda, U N
2011FTIR and XRD investigations of some fluoroquinolonesSahoo, S; Chakraborti, C K; Mishra, S C; Nanda, U N; Naik, S
2012FTIR Spectroscopic Invitro Drug Interaction Study of Nifedipine MicrosphereParida, P; Mishra, S C; Sahoo, S
Mar-2012Fuel Cell connected to Grid through InverterBhuyan, K C; Sao, S K; Mahapatra, K K
Oct-2015Fuel Cell for Standalone Application Using FPGA Based ControllerMahapatra, K K; Bhuyan, K C
2000Fully developed combined convection in a seven-rod horizontal bundleHaldar, S C