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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2022Accident Rescuing System for Vehicles in Road Traffic: A Smart Phone ApplicationSahoo, Goutam Kumar; Srivastava, Harshit; Unagalle, U. Nirmal Chathura; Mihiran, S. Arachchige Pasindu; Jayarukshi, K. Dhananjani; Das, Santos Kumar; Singh, Poonam
Nov-2017Achievable Rate and Power Efficiency of Massive MIMO in Cooperative Network with ZF ReceiversKumar, Varun; Singh, Poonam; Patra, Sarat Kumar
Dec-2019AISS for Road Anomaly Detection using WSN-Based Distributed StrategySahoo, Goutam Kumar; Gupta, Saurav; Singh, Poonam; Das, Santos Kumar
Nov-2022Deep Leaning-Based Facial Expression Recognition in FER2013 Database: An in-Vehicle ApplicationSahoo, Goutam Kumar; Ponduru, Jayakrishna; Das, Santos Kumar; Singh, Poonam
May-2022Deep Learning-Based Facial Emotion Recognition for Driver HealthcareSahoo, Goutam Kumar; Das, Santos Kumar; Singh, Poonam
2021Energy consumption evaluation of LoRa sensor nodes in wireless sensor networkPhilip, Merin Susan; Singh, Poonam
Dec-2021A Health Perspective Smartphone Application for the Safety of Road Accident VictimsParasana, Kavya; Sahoo, Goutam Kumar; Das, Santos Kumar; Singh, Poonam
Mar-2018Large Antenna Performance with Imperfect CSI in Cooperative NetworksKumar, Varun; Singh, Poonam; Patra, Sarat Kumar
Aug-2022Machine Learning-Based Heart Disease Prediction: A Study for Home Personalized CareSahoo, Goutam Kumar; Kanike, Keerthana; Das, Santos Kumar; Singh, Poonam
Jan-2016On the Complementary Nature of the Signature Matrices with Orthogonal Subsets for Overloaded CDMASingh, Amiya; Singh, Poonam
Apr-2018Outage Analysis for Underlay Cognitive TWRN with Multi-antenna Sources in Nakagami-m fadingKhan, Imtiyaz; Matla, Rakesh; Singh, Poonam
Jan-2017Performance Analysis of Dual-Hop DF Relaying Systems in the Combined Presence of CEE and RFIMishra, Anoop Kumar; Mallick, Debmalya; Issar, Mareesh; Singh, Poonam
Nov-2022Performance Analysis of Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces in comparison to MIMOSahu, Subhra Jyoti; Singh, Poonam
Nov-2017Performance Analysis of Multiantenna Two-Way Relay Network With Co-Channel InterferenceKhan, Imtiyaz; Dhulipudi, Krishna Kanth; Singh, Poonam
2021Performance analysis of NOMA systems in Rayleigh and Rician fading channelsPanda, Bibekananda; Singh, Poonam
Feb-2018Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Multiantenna Two-Way Relaying System with CCIKhan, Imtiyaz; Dhulipudi, Krishna Kanth; Singh, Poonam
Nov-2022Signal Detection in NOMA Systems using DNN with Bidirectional LSTMPanda, Bibekananda; Singh, Poonam
Feb-2018Training-based Joint Antenna and Relay Selection in Multiuser Downlink Cellular Network with RF ImpairmentsMishra, Anoop Kumar; Singh, Poonam