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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Bi2Fe4O9 as a Potential Candidate for Multiple State Memory and Magnetic Field Sensor ApplicationSingh, A K
2014Comparing the Performance analysis of three tank level control system using Feedback and Feedforward-feedback configurationSingh, A K; Kumar, S
2006Drill wear monitoring using back propagation neural networkPanda, S S; Singh, A K; Chakraborty, D; Pal, S K
2006Drill wear prediction using artificial neural networkSingh, A K; Panda, S S; Chakraborty, D; Pal, S K
Jun-2023Effects of Modes and Extent of Rolling on The Evolution of Cold Rolling Texture in Alloy Ni-16Cr-16Mo and Its Correlation with The Textures of Alloys Ni-16Cr and Ni-16MoMehta, Kumud Kant; Mandal, R K; Singh, A K
Dec-2018Evidence of Magneto-Dielectric Coupling at Room Temperature in Polycrystalline KBiFe2O5Chandrakanta, K; Pal, P; Abdullah, Md. F; Patel, S; Jena, R; Mohapatra, S R; Kaushik, S D; Singh, A K
Apr-2012Fourier Analysis of ‘in vivo’ Microscopic Images of Rat Prostate Tissue through Statistical ApproachVaishya, S K; Singh, A K; Bakshi, S; Singh, A K
Jul-2014Role of pentagon spin frustration in magnetoelectric Bi2Fe4-xCoxO9 (0 ≤x ≤ 0.8)Mohapatra, S R; Sahu, B; Singh, A K
Dec-2013Structural, Optical and Dielectric Property of Co Doped Bi2Fe4O9Swain, S; Mohapatra, S R; Sahoo, B; Singh, A K
Jun-2019Study of Dielectric and Magnetodielectric Properties of Y-Type Ba2Mg1.5Ni0.5Fe12O22 HexaferriteAbdullah, Md. F; Pal, P; Patel, S; Chandrakanta, K; Jena, R; Singh, A K
Feb-2019Substantial magnetoelectric coupling in nanocrystalline-Fe2TeO6 at room temperaturePal, P; Kaushik, S D; Singh, A K
Dec-2010Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Synthesized by Oxidization of ZincAlam, S N; Poloju, M; Sahu, S S; Kumar, M; Singh, A K