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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2019Breast Cancer detection from Thermograms Using Feature Extraction and Machine Learning TechniquesMishra, Vartika; Singh, Yamini; Rath, Santanu Kumar
Mar-2019Credit Card Fraud Detection by Implementing Machine Learning techniquesPrusti, Debachudamani; Padmanabhuni, S S Harshini; Rath, Santanu Kumar
Feb-2020A design methodology for web-based services to detect fraudulent transactions in credit cardPrusti, Debachudamani; Kumar, Abhishek; Ingole, Shubham Purusottam; Rath, Santanu Kumar
Jul-2019Detection of Breast Cancer Thermograms based on Asymmetry Analysis using Texture featuresMishra, Vartika; Rath, Santanu Kumar
2021Detection of credit card fraud by applying genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimizationPrusti, Debachudamani; Rout, Jitendra Kumar; Rath, Santanu Kumar
Jul-2019Fraudulent Transaction Detection in Credit Card by Applying Ensemble Machine Learning techniquesPrusti, Debachudamani; Rath, Santanu Kumar
Mar-2022Local and Global thresholding-based breast cancer detection using thermogramsMishra, Vartika; Rath, Subhendu; Rath, Santanu Kumar
Jul-2017Map-Reduce based Link Prediction for Large Scale Social NetworkBehera, Ranjan Kumar; Sukla, Abhishek Sai; Mahapatra, Sambit; Rath, Santanu Kumar; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Bhattacharya, Swapan
Feb-2022Prediction of growth in COVID-19 Cases in India based on Machine Learning TechniquesSaha, Aindrila; Mishra, Vartika; Rath, Santanu Kumar
Mar-2022Ransomware Attack Detection by Applying Machine Learning TechniquesRoutray, Siddharth; Prusti, Debachudamani; Rath, Santanu Kumar
Dec-2020Service based credit card fraud detection using Oracle SOA suiteIngole, Shubham; Abhishek, Kumar; Prusti, Debachudamani; Rath, Santanu Kumar