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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Adaptive relay setting for flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS)Dash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Panda, G; Liew, A C
Apr-2002Data compression of power quality events using the slantlet transformPanda, G; Dash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Meher, S K
2000Digital protection of power transmission lines in the presence of series connected FACTS devicesDash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Panda, G; Liew, A C
Jun-2000Distance protection in the presence of unified power flow controllerDash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Panda, G
2000An extended complex Kalman filter for frequency measurement of distorted signalsDash, P K; Panda, G; Pradhan, A K; Routray, A; Duttagupta, B
Nov-2001A fast and accurate distance relaying scheme using an efficient radial basis function neural networkPradhan, A K; Dash, P K; Panda, G
Jul-1999Frequency estimation of distorted power system signals using extended complex Kalman filterDash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Panda, G
Aug-2009Fuzzy Partitioning of a Real Power System for Dynamic Vulnerability AssessmentKamwa, I; Pradhan, A K; Joos, Geza; Samantaray, S R
2004An integrated data compression scheme for power quality events using spline wavelet and neural networkMeher, S K; Pradhan, A K; Panda, G
Jul-2000A novel fuzzy neural network based distance relaying schemeDash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Panda, G
2000On-line tracking of time varying harmonics using an integrated extended complex Kalman filter and Fourier linear combinerDash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Panda, G; Jena, R K; Panda, S K