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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Adsorption of anionic and non-ionic surfactants on a cellulosic surfaceParia, S; Manohar, C; Khilar, K C
2007Adsorption of Non-ionic Surfactants onto Sand and Its Importance in Naphthalene RemovalParia, S; Yuet, P K
2009Dynamic Contact Angle on PTFE Surface by Aqueous Surfactants Solution in Absence and Presence of ElectrolytesChaudhuri, Rajib Ghosh; Paria, S
2006Effect of cationic surfactant on the adsorption characteristics of anionic surfactant on cellulose surfaceParia, S; Manohar, C; Khilar, K C
2006Effects of Chain Length and Electrolyte on the Adsorption of n-Alkylpyridinium Bromide Surfactants at Sand-Water InterfacesParia, S; Yuet, P K
2003Experimental Studies on Adsorption of Surfactants Onto Cellulosic Surface and its relevance to DetergencyParia, S; Manohar, C; Khilar, K C
2005Kinetics of Adsorption of Anionic, Cationic, and Nonionic SurfactantsParia, S; Manohar, C; Khilar, K C
2006The mixing behavior of n-alkylpyridinium bromide–NP-9 mixed surfactant systemsParia, S
2001Removal of Surface Adhered Particles by Surfactants and Fluid MotionsBatra, Ashish; Paria, S; Manohar, C; Khilar, K C
2004A review on experimental studies of surfactant adsorption at the hydrophilic solid–water interfaceParia, S; Khilar, K C
2006Solidification–stabilization of organic and inorganic contaminants using portland cement: a literature reviewParia, S; Yuet, P K
2006Solubilization of Naphthalene by Pure and Mixed SurfactantsParia, S; Yuet, P K
2008Surfactant-Enhanced Remediation of Organic Contaminated Soil and WaterParia, S
2009Synthesis of sulfur nanoparticles in aqueous surfactant solutionsChaudhuri, Rajib Ghosh; Paria, S