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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2022Anticorrosion behaviour of green synthesized fluorescent carbon nanoparticles on Q235 steelPatra, Santosini; Subudhi, Subhasri; Mandal, Manoranjan; Nayak, Alok Kumar; Mahanandia, Pitamber
Dec-2019Beyond 4% Photo Conversion Efficiency Achieved by Low Temperature Phase Selective Solvothermally Synthesized CZTS (Cu2ZnSnS4) Quantum Dot Solar CellDas, Sonali; Mahanandia, Pitamber
Dec-2019Effect of Different Aqueous Electrolytes on Electrochemical Performance of Activated Carbon Anchored by Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Supercapacitor ApplicationsMandal, Manoranjan; Subudhi, Subhasri; Alam, Injamul; Subramanyam, BVRS; Das, Sonali; Raiguru, Jagatpati; Mahanandia, Pitamber
Dec-2019A Few Layer of Graphene Sheets Prepared by an Electrochemical Method Enhance the Performance of Photovoltaic DeviceAlam, Injamul; Subramanyam, BVRS; Das, Sonali; Sa, Kadambinee; Subudhi, Subhasri; Mandal, Manoranjan; Raiguru, Jagatpati; Patra, Santosini; Mahanandia, Pitamber
Dec-2022Investigation of photovoltaic response in brownmillerite multiferroic KBiFe2O5 thin filmSubudhi, Subhasri; Mandal, Manoranjan; Patra, Santosini; Nayak, Alok Kumar; Subramanyam, BVRS; Alam, Injamul; Mahanandia, Pitamber
Jul-2017Investigation of spectral and electrical properties of solution processed PEDOT: PSS/reduced graphene oxide- carbon nanotubes hybrid compositesMahakul, Prakash Chandra; Sa, Kadambinee; Mahanandia, Pitamber
Dec-2018Investigation of Wetting Properties of Few Layers of Graphene Sheets Prepared by Electrochemical MethodAlam, Injamul; Sa, Kadambinee; Das, Sonali; Subramanyam, BVRS; Raiguru, Jagatpati; Mandal, Manoranjan; Subudhi, Subhasri; Mahanandia, Pitamber
May-2018Preparation and Characterization of CuO based Core-Shell Heterostructure Nanowires for Photodetector ApplicationMahanandia, Pitamber
Dec-2016Scalable Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide using FeSO4Sa, Kadambinee; Mahakul, Prakash Chandra; Ram Subrahmanyam, BVGS; Saha, Sunirmal; Mukherjee, Jonaki; Mahanandia, Pitamber
Dec-2018Structural and optical study of CZTS-reduced GO composite towards photovoltaic device applicationDas, Sonali; Sa, Kadambinee; Alam, Injamul; Raiguru, Jagatpati; Subramanyam, BVRS; Mahanandia, Pitamber
Dec-2018Study on structural and enhancement of current in activated carbon by incorporating multiwalled carbon nanotube as binary nanocompositesMandal, Manoranjan; Subudhi, Subhasri; Das, Sonali; Sa, Kadambinee; Alam, Injamul; Subramanyam, BVRS; Raiguru, Jagatpati; Mahanandia, Pitamber
Oct-2019Synthesis of Carbon Dots from Spider silk: Conversion of waste to valuable productPatra, Santosini; Das, Sonali; Raiguru, Jagatpati; Subramanyam, BVRS; Alam, Injamul; Mandal, Manoranjan; Subudhi, Subhasri; Mahanandia, Pitamber