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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-20173D Spatial-Temporal View Based Motion Tracing in Human Action RecognitionSilambarasi, R; Sahoo, Suraj Prakash; Ari, Samit
Dec-2019AAMI Standard Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection with Random Forest Using Mixed FeaturesPrakash, Allam Jaya; Ari, Samit
May-2022Automatic Detection of Ocean Eddy based on Deep Learning Technique with Attention MechanismSaida, Shaik John; Ari, Samit
Feb-2019Change Detection in Multispectral Satellite Images using Histogram based Thresholding TechniqueKanth, P. Chandra; Gupta, Neha; Ari, Samit
Mar-2019Feature Fusion based Unsupervised Change Detection in Optical Satellite ImagesGupta, Neha; Singh, Pooja; Ari, Samit
Dec-2019Fusion of Convolutional Neural Networks for P300 based Character RecognitionKundu, Sourav; Ari, Samit
Mar-2019Fusion of histogram based features for Human Action RecognitionSahoo, Suraj Prakash; R, Silambarasi; Ari, Samit
May-2018Hand Gesture Recognition Using Local Histogram Feature DescriptorReddy, Dandu Amarnatha; Sahoo, Jaya Prakash; Ari, Samit
Dec-2019Hand Gesture Recognition using PCA based Deep CNN Reduced Features and SVM classifierSahoo, Jaya Prakash; Ari, Samit; Patra, Sarat Kumar
Jul-2018P300 Detection using Ensemble of SVM for Brain-Computer Interface ApplicationKundu, Sourav; Ari, Samit
Jul-2017Score Normalization of Ensemble SVMs for Brain-Computer Interface P300 spellerKundu, Sourav; Ari, Samit
May-2018Semi-Supervised Learning in Random Forest Classifier for Human Action RecognitionSrinivasu, Ulli; Sahoo, Suraj Prakash; Ari, Samit
Mar-2019Spatial Neighborhood Mutual Information based Satellite Image Change DetectionGupta, Neha; Ari, Samit
Mar-2022Surface Electromyographic Hand Gesture Signal Classification Using a Set of Time-domain FeaturesKrishnapriya, S; Sahoo, Jaya Prakash; Ari, Samit
Jan-2020A Three Stream Deep Network on Extracted Projected Planes for Human Action RecognitionSahoo, Suraj Prakash; Ari, Samit
Mar-2017Unsupervised Change Detection in Optical Satellite Images using Binary DescriptorGupta, Neha; Pillai, Gargi V; Ari, Samit