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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Mosaicing of Images using Unsharp Masking Algorithm for Interest Point DetectionMaheshwari, S; Pati, U C
May-2015Multi Channel Data Acqusition and Data Logging System for Meteorology ApplicationKashyap, N; Pati, U C
2012Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Data Logging for Green House ApplicationSamal, N; Pati, U C
Apr-2015A Novel Algorithm for Detection of Soccer Ball and PlayerUpendra Rao, M; Pati, U C
Nov-2010A Novel Fast Zigzag Prune 4×4 Discrete Tchebichef Moment Based Image Compression AlgorithmSenapati, R K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Feb-2015A Novel Fuzzy based Adaptive Control of the Four Tank SystemPrusty, S B; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Feb-2011A Novel Hybrid HVS Based Embedded Image Coding Algorithm Using DTT and SPIHTSenapati, R K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2014A Novel Technique for Mosaicing of Medical ImagesPandey, A; Pati, U C
Dec-2013A Novel Technique for Non-overlapping Image Mosaicing based on Pyramid MethodPandey, A; Pati, U C
Jan-2013A Novel Technique for Wall Crack Detection Using Image FusionMuduli, P R; Pati, U C
Apr-2018PC based ultrasonic intrusion detection systemUnni, R; Pati, U C
Mar-2014Rigid medical image registration for monomodal imagesSahu, S; Pati, U C
Mar-2013A Robust Technique for Feature-based Image Mosaicing using Image FusionBind, V S; Muduli, P R; Pati, U C
Jan-2011A Simple VLSI Architecture for Computation of 2-D DCT, Quantization and Zig-zag ordering for JPEGSharma, V K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Sep-2010Simultaneous Determination of Dimension and Intensity of an Object by Image FusionPati, U C; Dutta, P K
Dec-2010An Study of Removal of Subjective Redundancy in JPEG for Low Cost, Low Power, Computation efficient Circuit Design and High Compression ImageSharma, V K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Mar-2016SURF Based Matching for SAR Image RegistrationDurgam, U K; Paul, S; Pati, U C
Mar-2014Tuning of PID Controller for Higher order systemKumar, S; Pati, U C
Mar-2016Underwater Image Enhancement Based on Dark Channel Prior and Histogram EqualizationMallik, S; Khan, S S; Pati, U C
Mar-2016Wireless Data Acquisition for FarmingJha, R K; Pati, U C