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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2024Study of Structural Phase Transition and Optical Properties in (DMP)2MCl5 (M = Bi, Sb): A Novel 0D Hybrid Metal HalideSahoo, Subhasish; Samal, Saroj L.
Jan-2024The Influence of Green Marketing Orientation on Repurchase Intention: A Study of Travel and Tourism SitesKukreti, Rajat; Yadav, Mayank
Nov-2023Evaluating the decadal variability of Tropical Biennial Oscillations in a warming climateNagaraju, C
Feb-2024Reduction Behaviour of Fired Low-grade Hematite Iron Ore Pellets in Non-coking CoalReddy, Avula Leela Sukh Brahma; Sahoo, Santosh Kumar; Kumar, Mithilesh
Nov-2023Vegetation Dynamics in Open Cast Mining-Dominated Regions of Eastern India: Insights from Time-Series Landsat Satellite DataRanjan, Avinash Kumar; Gorai, Amit Kumar
Jan-2024Gastric Stability of Bare and Biopolymer Fabricated Ferritin: Implication Towards Potential Dietary Iron SupplementRaut, Rohit Kumar; Behera, Rabindra Kumar
Dec-2023Effect of Pin Insertion Angle on Mechanical Performance of Hybrid Scarf Joint in FRP LaminatesMohapatra, Deepti Ranjan; Behera, Suryamani; Mondal, Subhajit
Feb-2024Design and Development of Advance Damper Seal for Cryogenic EnginesSumanth, Neerumalla; Behera, Suraj Kumar; Khute, Sahadasan
Jan-2024Iron Mobilization from Intact Ferritin: Effect of Differential Redox Activity of Quinone DerivativesBehera, Narmada; Behera, Rabindra Kumar
Feb-2024Kinematic prediction of a Bioinspired Foldable Flapping Wing Mechanism using Artificial Neural NetworkKumar, Avinash; Dewangan, Bhushan; Roy, Haraprasad