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2011 Design of a Novel Current Starved VCO via Constrained Geometric ProgrammingPanda, B P; Rout, P K; Acharya, D P; Panda, G
2011 Analysis and Design of a 1GHz PLL for Fast Phase and Frequency AcquisitionRout, P K; Panda, B P; Acharya, D P; Panda, G
Dec-2011 Design of CMOS Ring Oscillator Using CMODERout, P K; Acharya, D P
Mar-2012 Design of LC VCO for optimal figure of merit performance using CMODERout, P K; Nanda, U K; Acharya, D P; Panda, G
Sep-2013 A Novel Low Power 3T InverterRout, P K; Nayak, D; Acharya, D P
2014 Process Corner Variation Aware Design of Low Power Current Starved VCORout, P K; Acharya, D P; Panda, G; Nayak, D
2014 Design of Low-Leakage and High Stable Proposed SRAM cell StructureNayak, D; Acharya, D P; Rout, P K; Mahapatra, K K


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