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2000 Effect of thermomechanical treatment parameters on mechanical properties of duplex ferrite–martensite structure in dual phase steelPanda, A K; Ray, P K; Ganguly, R I
2002 Influence of Heat Treatment Parameters on Structure and Mechanical Properties of an HSLA-100 SteelRay, P K; Ganguly, R I; Panda, A K
2002 Investigations on the microstructure and quantification of mechanical properties of a heat treated Cu-bearing HSLA-80 steelRay, P K; Ganguly, R I; Panda, A K
2003 Optimization of Mechanical Properties of a Heat-treated Cu-bearing HSLA-80 SteelRay, P K; Ganguly, R I; Panda, A K
2003 Optimization of mechanical properties of an HSLA-100 steel through control of heat treatment variablesRay, P K; Ganguly, R I; Panda, A K
2004 Determination of recrystallization stop temperature (TR) of an HSLA steelRay, P K; Ganguly, R I; Panda, A K
2006 A Novel Technique to Reduce the Switching Losses in a Synchronous Buck ConverterPanda, A K; Aroul, K
2007 Navigation Techniques for Control of Multiple Mobile RobotsPradhan, Saroj Kumar; Parhi, D K (Guide); Panda, A K
2008 A Novel Improved Soft Switching PWM DC-DC ConverterPattnaik, S; Panda, A K; Mahapatra, K K
2008 Analysis of Non-isolated Soft Switching DC-DC Buck ConverterPatnaik, S; Panda, A K; Mahapatra, K K
2008 An Improved Multiphase Converter for New Generation MicorprocessorPattnaik, S; Panda, A K
2009 Simulation of Improved Dynamic Response in Active Power Factor Correction ConvertersMatada, Mahesh; Panda, A K
2009 Two Sided PWM Control of Switching Power Factor Correction AC-DC ConverterMatada, Mahesh; Panda, A K
2009 The Stable and Precise Motion Control for Multiple Mobile RobotsParhi, D R K; Pradhan, Saroj Kumar; Panda, A K; Behera, R K
Jun-2010 Synchronous Virtual Grid Flux Oriented Control of Grid Side Converter for Distributed Power Generation SystemReddy, B V; Chitti Babu, B; Mohanty, K B; Panda, A K
Nov-2010 Performance of Cascade Multilevel H-Bridge Inverter with Single DC Source by Employing Low Frequency Three-Phase TransformersSuresh, Y; Panda, A K
2011 Comparison of Two Compensation Control Strategies for Shunt Active Power Filter in Three-Phase Four-Wire SystemSuresh, M; Patnaik, S S; Suresh, Y; Panda, A K
Jan-2011 Improved Performance of Adaptive Hysteresis Current Controller Based Vector Control of PMSM Drive SystemNaik, A; Chitti Babu, B; Panda, A K
Mar-2011 Chitosan micro and nanoparticles for delivery of drugs and therapeutic proteinsNayak, B; Parida, P; Routa, P; Ray, P; Panda, A K; Ray, A R
Nov-2011 Formulation and characterization of Chitosan coated PLA/PLGA encapsulated microparticles for vaccine developmentNayak, B; Routa, P R; Panda, A K; Ray, A R
Dec-2011 Comparative Evaluation of Harmonic Compensation Capability of Active Power Filter with Conventional and Bacterial Foraging Based ControlPatnaik, S S; Panda, A K
Dec-2011 Fuzzy Logic Controller based 3-ph 4-wire SHAF for Current Harmonics Compensation with id-iq Control strategy Using Simulation and RTDS HardwarePanda, A K; Mikkili, S
Mar-2012 Thermo-catalytic degradation of thermocol waste to value added liquid productsPanda, A K; Singh, R K; Mishra, D K
Nov-2013 PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller based 3-phase 4-Wire Interleaved Buck Active Power Filter for Mitigation of Harmonics with the Id-Iq Control StrategyPatel, R; Panda, A K; Mikkili, S


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