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2001 Viscosity of Molten Al(sub)2O(sub)3–Cr(sub)2O(sub)3–CaO–CaF(sub)2 Slags at Various Al(sub)2O(sub)3/CaO RatiosBehera, R C; Mohanty, U K
2001 Effect of Oxide Fluxes on the Viscosity of Molten Aluminothermic Ferro-chrome SlagsBehera, R C; Mohanty, U K
2003 Fusion Behaviour of Synthetic Aluminothermic Ferro-chrome SlagsMohanty, U K; Behera, R C
2006 Influence of crucible Roatation Speed on hardness, Cast structure and Impact PropertiesRay, B C; Mohanty, U K; Verma, B B
2007 Effect of hygrothermal shock cycles on interlaminar shear strength of hybrid compositesRay, P K; Mula, S; Mohanty, U K; Ray, B C
16-May-2007 Microstructural Assessment of Freeze-Thaw Impact on Carbon/Glass/Epoxy CompositesSethy, S; Mohanty, U K; Ray, B C
16-May-2007 Mechanical Behaviour of Freeze- Thaw Loaded Fibrous Polymeric CompositesMohanty, U K; Sethy, S; Ray, B C
2008 Effect of mechanical properties on fracture surfaces of carbon nanotube composites pre-treated at different temperaturesBal, S; Samal, S S; Mohanty, U K
2010 Environmental Stability of GFRP Laminated Composites: An Emphasis on Mechanical BehaviourMishra, G; Mohapatra, S R; Behera, P R; Dash, B; Mohanty, U K; Ray, B C
Jun-2012 Effect of up and down-thermal shocks on hygrothermally conditioned E-glass fiber/epoxy compositeChakraverty, A P; Mohanty, U K; Biswal, B B
Aug-2012 Thermal shock behavior of hydrothermally conditioned e-glass fi ber/epoxy compositesChakraverty, A P; Mohanty, U K; Biswal, B B
2013 Structural aspects of blast furnace slagTiwary, J N; Sarkar, S; Mishra, B; Mohanty, U K
2013 Response of Sea Water Immersed GFRP Composite to Thermal ShockChakraverty, A P; Mohanty, U K; Ray, B C
2014 Evaluation of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites Under the Exposure to Up and Down-Thermal ShocksChakraverty, A P; Mohanty, U K; Mishra, S C; Biswal, B B


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