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2007 Low Temperature Sonoelectrodeposition of Nanocrystalline Copper DepositMallik, A; Chauhan, R N; Ray, B C
2008 Effect of bath types on sonoelectrodeposited Cu/Ni Multilayer at low temperatureSahoo, Rakesh K; Sahoo, S; Mallik, A; Ray, B C
2008 Thin film electrodeposition of nanostructured copper in presence of ultrasoundSahoo, S; Sahoo, Rakesh K; Mallik, A; Ray, B C
2009 Sonolectrochemically Deposited Nanostructured Copper Thin Films at Low Temperatures:Growth Kinetics and Nucleation BehaviourMallik, A; Ray, B C
2009 Morphological study of electrodeposited copper under the influence of ultrasound and low temperatureMallik, A; Ray, B C
2009 A Study on the Modification of Conventional Electrochemical Crystallization under Sonication: The Phenomena of Secondary NucleationMallik, A; Bankoti, A; Ray, B C
Sep-2009 Evolution of Nanostructures, Mechanical and Magnetic Properties in Electrochemically deposited Cu/Ni Multilayers under UltrasoundMallik, A; Ray, B C
2010 Effect of plating parameters on the magnetic structure distribution in electrodeposited Co/Cu alloy films by Magnetic Force MicroscopeMallik, A; Das, A
2010 A study on ex-situ non-isothermal grain growth behavior of sono-electrochemically deposited Cu thin filmsMallik, A; Rout, S
2010 Prodding the Magnetic Properties of Sono-Electrodeposited Nickel by Magnetic Force Microscope (MFM)Das, A; Mallik, A; Ray, B C
2010 TheThermodynamics and Kinetics Study of Growth Behavior of Sono-Electrodeposited Cu Thin FilmsRout, S; Mallik, A; Ray, B C
2010 A Perpetual Evolution of Electrochemically Deposited Nano-Structured Cu Thin Films Driven by Acoustic CavitationMallik, A; Ray, B C
2010 Chronoamperometric And Structural Studies Of Potentiostatistically Deposited Nickel In Presence Of UltrasoundDas, A; Mallik, A; Ray, B C
2010 Electrochemical Synthesis Of Cu Thin Films Under Ultrasonic Irradiation: The Effect On Ex-situ Growth BehaviorRout, S; Mallik, A; Ray, B C
Dec-2010 Implications of bath composition and ultrasound on the structure and properties of copper thin filmsMallik, A; Ray, B C
2011 Residual stress and nanomechanical properties of sonoelectrodeposited Cu filmsMallik, A; Ray, B C
Jan-2011 Evolution of Principle and Practice of Electrodeposited Thin Film: A Review on Effect of Temperature and SonicationMallik, A; Ray, B C
May-2011 An analysis of the temperature-induced supersaturation effects on structure and properties of sono-electrodeposited copper thin filmsMallik, A; Ray, B C


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