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Mar-2010 Ultra Fine TiO2 Dispersed Metallic Coating on SteelParida, G; Chaira, D; Basu, A
Dec-2010 Efficient Synthesis of Nanostructured TiC Powder by Reaction MillingChaira, D; Sangal, S; Mishra, B K
2011 Synthesis and characterization of Ni-TiO2 composite coatings by electro-co-depositionParida, G; Chaira, D; Chopkar, M; Basu, A
Jan-2011 Microstructural and magnetic properties of microwave synthesized La-Sr-Mn-O: ferrite nanocompositesBehera, B; Nayak, B B; Chaira, D
Jun-2011 Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-TiO2 Dispersed Composite Coating by Electro-co-depositionParida, G; Chaira, D; Basu, A
Jun-2011 Synthesis & Characterization of HAP-Al2O3 Composite Coating on 316L SS by Electrophoretic DepositionManjeera, A; Basu, A; Chaira, D
Nov-2011 Microstructural Studies of Al‐Al2O3 Nanocomposites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy RouteDash, K; Chaira, D; Ray, B C
Dec-2011 Synthesis and characterization of copper–alumina metal matrix composite by conventional and spark plasma sinteringDash, K; Ray, B C; Chaira, D
Jul-2012 A Comparative study of Al-Al2O3 Micro- and Nanocomposites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy RouteDash, K; Chaira, D; Ray, B C
Nov-2012 Milling effect on Cu-graphite metal matrix composite prepared by powder metallurgy routeSamal, C P; Parihar, J S; Chaira, D
2013 Synthesis and characterization of aluminium-alumina micro- and nano-composites by spark plasma sinteringDash, K; Chaira, D; Ray, B C


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