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contributor.authorMohanty, S C-
contributor.authorKavi, N (Guide)-
identifier.citationDynamic Stability of Beams Under Parametric Excitation, Doctoral Thesis, Sep 2005, P 198en
descriptionCopyright for this thesis belongs to National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Indiaen
description.abstractThe present investigation is an attempt to contribute towards the improved understanding of the dynamic stability of beams under parametric excitation. The dynamic stability of ordinary and sandwich beams subjected to longitudinal parametric excitation has been investigated theoretically and experiments have been carried out to validate some of the theoretical findings. The equations of motion have been derived using finite element method. For ordinary beams the instability regions have been established using Floquet’s theory and for sandwich beams modified Hsu’s method proposed by Saito and Otomi has been applied to determine the boundary frequencies of the instability regions. The dynamic stability of a Timoshenko beam with localised damage and having fixed-free, pinned-pinned, fixed-fixed and fixed-pinned boundary conditions has been investigated to study the effects of parameters such as extent of damage, position of damage, static load factor and boundary conditions on its dynamic stability behaviour. The parametric instability of a twisted cantilever beam with localised damage has been investigated to study the effect of angle of pretwist, location of damage, extent of damage and static load factor on its dynamic stability characteristics. The governing equations of motion for a general multilayered symmetric cantilever sandwich beam subjected to parametric excitation have been derived. Numerical results have been presented for three, five and seven layered beams to study the effects of various system parameters, such as core thickness parameter, core loss factor and number of layers on the stability behaviour of the sandwich beams. The dynamic stability behaviour of multilayered beams of various configurations based on some important criteria such as constant size, constant weight, constant flexural rigidity, constant size and flexural rigidity and constant weight and flexural rigidity has also been discussed. Effects of static load factor and thermal gradient factor on the dynamic stability of a simply supported tapered beam with thermal gradient along its length have been studied. Experimental work has been carried out to verify some of the theoretical results for beams with localised damage and multi layered symmetric cantilever sandwich beam.en
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publisherNational Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Indiaen
titleDynamic Stability of Beams Under Parametric Excitationen
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