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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Eccentrically Loaded Strip Foundation on Sand Reinforced with GeogridsPatra, C R; Das, B M; Shin, E C
2005Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation of Geogrid-Reinforced SandPatra, C R; Mandal, J N; Das, B M
Mar-2010Ultra Fine TiO2 Dispersed Metallic Coating on SteelParida, G; Chaira, D; Basu, A
Jan-2013An Ultra Low Power Encoder for 5 Bit Flash ADCLavania, Y; Varghese, G T; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2019Ultra-Low Power Solar Energy Harvester for IoTEdge Node DevicesRam, Saswat Kumar; Swain, Ayas Kanta
Apr-2012UML Based Object Oriented Software Development Effort Estimation Using ANNSingh, J; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Jan-2022Umpolung of Cationic Bromine; Organocatalyzed Halogenation of OlefinsPanda, Jeetendra; Sahoo, Jigyansa; Sahoo, Gokarneswar
Dec-2014Uncertain Data Based System Identification of Structural Systems by Neural Network ModelingChakraverty, S
Dec-2018Uncertainty Associated with SWAT Model for the Estimation of Stream flow for Kosi Basin, IndiaSasikala, M; Patra, Kanhu Charan
Sep-1993Unconstrained Hartley domain least mean square adaptive filterMeher, P K; Panda, G
Dec-2017An Unconventional Magnetoresistance in CoFe2O4 Core-BiFeO3 Shell CompositeKulia, Sourav; Sahoo, M R; Barik, A; Vishwakarma, P N
Aug-2022Understanding of the Band Gap Transition in Cs3Sb2Cl9−xBrx: Anion Site Preference Induced Structural DistortionPradhan, Abinash; Samal, Saroj L.
Feb-2020Understanding Role of Mitophagyin Cell Survival and Cell Death in Cancer and TherapeuticsBhutia, Sujit Kumar
2006Understanding the fretting wear of Ti3SiC2Sarkar, D; Manoj Kumar, B V; Basu, B
Mar-2022Understanding the X-ray spectral curvature of MKN 421 using broad band AstroSat observationsHota, Jyotishree; Shah, Zahir; Khatoon, Rukaiya; Misra, Ranjeev; Pradhan, Ananta C; Gogoi, Rupjyoti
Mar-2016Underwater Image Enhancement Based on Dark Channel Prior and Histogram EqualizationMallik, S; Khan, S S; Pati, U C
May-2017Underwater Image Registrtion With Improved SIFT AlgorithmRaut, Sukhada; Pati, Umesh Chandra
Apr-2018Uneven Illumination Compensation for Unconstrained Face Recognition Using LBPDandpat, Swarup Kumar; Meher, Sukadev; Bopche, Vivek
2008Unfolding Studies of Escherichia Coli Maltodextrin Glucosidase Monitored by Fluorescence SpectroscopyPaul, S; Kundu, M; Das, K P; Mishra, S; Chaudhuri, T K
Nov-2011Uniaxial Ratcheting Behaviours of Materials with Different Crystal StructuresDutta, K; Ray, K K