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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017Idea of Bhārata- The Amalgamation of Science and SpiritualityVerma, Surabhi
May-2019Identification and Categorization of Flow-regimes of Counter-current Liquid-liquid Two-phase Flow through Inclined (450) Conduit of 11 mm DiameterSamal, Kumar; Ghosh, Suman
Nov-2019Identification and Classification of Parameters for Woodworking Chisel DesignSingh Bisht, Dhananjay; Khan, Mohammed Rajik
Dec-2019Identification of critical depth and lateral flow regime in symmetrical rough compound channelPradhan, Siprarani; Khatua, Kishnjit Kumar
Dec-2017Identification of Urbanization Growth Trend for Ahmedabad City in India Using Remote Sensing and GISSankalp, Sovan; Sahoo, Sanat Nalini
Nov-2014Identification of UV stellar point sources using NIR colour cut methodPradhan, A C; Ojha, D K; Robin, A C
Feb-2020Identifying design elements in public spaces conducive to the engagement of youth in social interactionSaha, Suparna
Jan-2018Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Gabor Wavelet FunctionDandpat, Swarup Kumar; Meher, Sukadev; Chukka, Ranjith
2010Image Compression Using Discrete Tchebichef Transform AlgorithmSenapati, R K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
2008Image Encryption by Novel Cryptosystem Using Matrix TransformationAcharya, B; Patra, S K; Panda, G
2008Image Encryption Using Self-Invertible Key Matrix of Hill Cipher AlgorithmPanigrahy, S K; Acharya, B; Jena, D
2005Image segmentation Using Parallel Tabu Search Algorithm and MRF ModelNanda, P K; Patra, D
2006Image Segmentation Using Thresholding and Genetic AlgorithmKanungo, P; Nanda, P K; Samal, U C
Nov-2022Immune evasion and survival strategies of evolved hyper-virulent Salmonella Typhimurium strainsPradhan, Diana; Pradhan, Jasmin; Mishra, Abtar; Karmakar, Kapudeep; Dhiman, Rohan; Chakravortty, Dipshikha; Negia, Vidya Devi
Oct-2017Impact of Antimicrobial-Loaded Emulsion System Stabilized with Gum Arabic on Food-Borne PathogensSyed, Irshaan; Sarkar, Preetam
Nov-2022Impact of consolidated stresses on wall friction behavior of processed Kodo Paspalum scrobiculatum ) millet flourGaurav, Abhishek; Pradhan, Rama C.; Mishra, Sabyasachi
2014Impact of Country-Of-Origin Image on Brand Equity: A Study on Durable Products in IndiaPanda, R K; Mishra, S
2009Impact of Environmental and Experimental Parameters on FRP CompositesRay, B C
Mar-2012Impact of In-band Crosstalk & Crosstalk Aware Datapath Selection in WDM/DWDM NetworksDas, S K; Swain, T R; Patra, S K
Jul-2022Impact of In-Package Cold Plasma Treatment on Physicochemical Properties and Shelf Life of Button Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)Gul, Mohd Khalid