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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Duration of Use of Tech-Gadgets and its Impact on Health and Life-StyleBiswal, R K
Aug-2018Dynamic analysis and life estimation of the Artificial hip joint prosthesisShaik, Akbar Basha; Sarkar, Debasish
Nov-2014Dynamic Analysis of Composite Micro Air VehiclesSahu, S K
Mar-2009Dynamic Approach for Web Services SelectionPandey, A; Jena, S K
Dec-2015Dynamic Background Subtraction using Local Binary Pattern and Histogram of Oriented GradientsPanda, D K; Meher, S
2014Dynamic Background Subtraction Using Texton Co-occurrence MatrixPanda, D K; Meher, S
Jan-2019Dynamic Behavior Analysis of Grass Trimmer Using Finite Element MethodKuppa, Sampath Kumar; Lal, Mohit
2008Dynamic Behavior of Three-Fluid Crossflow Heat ExchangersMishra, M; Das, P K; Sarangi, S K
2009Dynamic Contact Angle on PTFE Surface by Aqueous Surfactants Solution in Absence and Presence of ElectrolytesChaudhuri, Rajib Ghosh; Paria, S
Mar-2017A Dynamic Contention MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksPatro, Anurag; Chinara, Suchismita; Elapila, Manu
Nov-2017Dynamic Coupling Based Amplitude Death Solution for Stabilizing DC MicrogridsSubudhi, Sanjeet Kumar; Maity, Somnath
Mar-2019Dynamic Hard Timeout based Flow Table Management in Openflow enabled SDNPanda, Abinas; Samal, Siddharth Shankar; Turuk, Ashok Kumar; Panda, Aliva; Venkatesh, Vummadi Chetty
Aug-2012Dynamic instability of delaminated composite plates subjected to in-plane harmonic loadingSahu, S K
2000Dynamic Instability of Laminated Composite Rectangular Plates Subjected to Non-Uniform Harmonic In-Plane Edge LoadingSahu, S K; Datta, P K
2008Dynamic load distribution algorithm performance in heterogeneous distributed system for I/O- intensive taskChandra, Pushpendra Kumar; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
2002Dynamic modelling, simulation and control of a manipulator with flexible links and jointsSubudhi, B; Morris, A S
Dec-2010Dynamic Performance of Adaptive Hysteresis Current Controller for Mains-connected Inverter SystemChitti Babu, B; Mohapatra, M; Jena, S; Naik, A
Mar-2018Dynamic Response and Control Nonlinear Coupled Roll-Pitch (2DOF) Motion of Ship Under Harmonic WavesDevi, Ningombam Reena; Banik, Atul Krishna; Barik, Manoranjan
2008Dynamic slicing of aspect-oriented programsMohapatra, D P; Sahu, M; Kumar, R; Mall, R
Apr-2013Dynamic Stability of a Sandwich Beam with an Electrorheological Fluid CoreMohanty, S C