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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2018Studies on Bacterial Pleomorphism in the Biofilm mode of growthDas, Surajit
2010Studies on Characteristics of Some Shrubaceous Non-woody Biomass Species and Their Electricity Generation PotentialsKumar, M; Patel, S K; Mishra, S
Dec-2010Studies on Dielectric and Conductivity properties of Bio-Waste reinforced Polymer CompositesAireddy, H; Mishra, S C
Jul-2019Studies on effects of selected phytochemicals on hen egg white lysozyme amyloidogenesisSarkar, Nandini
2013Studies on Erosion Wear Behavior of Aluminum-3 Magnesium-10Silicon Carbide CompositeMishra, S C; Pratusa; Swayam; Mishra, A K; Panigrahi, S C; Samal, B P
Nov-2018Studies on Hard Chrome Plating in Reciprocating Air CompressorsKulasekaran, Aadhithiyan Amutha; Subramanian, Anbarasu
Mar-2016Studies on Pedestrian Fundamental Diagrams: Field Observation and Controlled ExperimentsDas, J B; Chattaraj, U; Nayak, S
Feb-2015Studies on plasma processing of blue dustSamal, S K; L P, Sindhoora; Pattanaik, A; Mishra, S C; Mishra, B
2008Studies on Pressure Drop and Minimum Fluidization Velocity of Gas-Solid Fluidization of Homogeneous Well Mixed Ternary Mixtures in Un-Promoted and Promoted Square BedJena, H M; Roy, G K; Biswal, K C
Mar-2017Studies on Surface Topography and Metallurgical Aspects of EDMed Work Surface of Super Alloy Inconel 718Sahu, B K; Datta, S; Mahapatra, S S
2011Studies on the Removal of Arsenic (III) from Water by a Novel Hybrid MaterialMandal, S; Padhi, T; Patel, R K
Dec-2016Studies on Three Dimensional Pedestrian Motion on Railway Foot over BridgeChattaraj, Ujjal; Biswal, Manoj Kumar; Das, Jyoti Biraj
Dec-2018Study and Analysis of Fly Ash for Stowing in Underground Coal Mine VoidsNaik, H K; Pappu, Dinesh Reddy
Sep-2012Study of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8/BiFeO3 nano-composite for electrical transport applicationsAcharya, S; Biswal, A.K; Ray, J; Vishwakarma, P.N.
Nov-2016Study of Bismuth Doped Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles Using Different Spectroscopic TechniquesRoutray, K L; Behera, D
Mar-2017Study of Damping in Composite BeamsKulkarni, Prathamesh; Bhattacharjee, Antara; Nanda, B K
Mar-2011A Study of Degradation and Liquefaction of Waste PlasticsRamesh Babu, A; Singh, R K
Jul-2018Study of Degradation Phenomena of Solid Insulation used in Extra High Voltage Cable under Alternating Voltage StressKarmakar, Subrata
Jun-2019Study of Dielectric and Magnetodielectric Properties of Y-Type Ba2Mg1.5Ni0.5Fe12O22 HexaferriteAbdullah, Md. F; Pal, P; Patel, S; Chandrakanta, K; Jena, R; Singh, A K
Feb-2009A Study of Different Energy Aware Metrics in Ad Hoc NetworksRout, S; Turuk, A K; Sahoo, Bibhudatta