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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2015Risk Management -- An Effective Tool for Accident Prevention in Mining IndustryPal, B K; Khanda, D K
Dec-2010Robust Control of a Feedback Linearized Induction Motor through Sliding ModeMohanty, K B; Singh, M
Nov-2017Robust Damping Controller Design for Damping Enhancement of Inter-Area Oscillations Considering Communication Network ConstraintsObaiah, Maddela Chinna; Subudhi, Bidyadhar
Mar-2011Robust Diffusion LMS over Wireless Sensor Network in Impulsive NoisePanigrahi, T; Panda, G; Mulgrew, B; Majhi, B
Feb-2012Robust Distributed Block LMS over WSN in Impulsive NoisePanigrahi, T; Panda, G; Mulgrew, B
Dec-2015Robust Estimation in Distributed Wireless Sensor NetworkKumar, S; Sahoo, A K; Acharya, D P
Apr-2014Robust Facial Expression Recognition using Gabor Feature and Bayesian Discriminating ClassifierPiparsaniyan, Yamini; Sharma, V K; Mahapatra, K K
May-2011Robust field oriented induction machine control using SMCJena, S; Mohanty, K B
2009A robust H∞ load-frequency controller design using LMIsDey, A R; Ghosh, B S; Ray, C G
Dec-2017Robust Label Consistent Dictionary Learning for Face RecognitionModalavalasa, Sowjanya; Sahoo, Upendra Kumar; Sahoo, Ajit Kumar
Dec-2018Robust Majorana modes in one-dimensional disordered binary alloySahu, Deepak Kumar; Datta, Sanjoy
Mar-2018Robust Modified Structured NFC Integrating with GA for Linearized Induction Motor DriveMohanty, Kanungo Barada; Mishra, Rabi Narayan
2008Robust pedestal-free pulse compression in cubic-quintic nonlinear mediaSenthilnathan, K; Li, Qian; Nakeeran, K; Wai, P K A
2009Robust Prediction of Stock Indices using PSO based Adaptive Linear CombinerMajhi, R; Panda, G; Majhi, B
Nov-2011Robust Real-Time Object Tracking Under Background ClutterPanda, D K; Meher, S
Mar-2013A Robust Technique for Feature-based Image Mosaicing using Image FusionBind, V S; Muduli, P R; Pati, U C
Nov-2011Robust Video Denoising for Better Subjective EvaluationAcharya, A; Meher, S
Dec-2012Role of Debt Market and its impact on Financial Stability: analysis of Indian MarketBag, D
Nov-2018Role of Family in Juvenile Delinquency: What National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) Data RevealsBiswal, Ramakrishna; Mishra, Elsie; Jena, Saswati
Nov-2012Role of free volume on the plasticity in Cu-Zr amorphous binary alloyYedla, N; Ghosh