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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2011Radiative heat transfer in a participating medium bounded by Diffusely reflecting boundaries with short-pulse collimated IrradiationPadhi, B N; Rath, P; Mahapatra, S K; Satapathy, A K
2016Radio frequency identification (RFID) and its role in modernization of the librariesPrantika, A; Mishra, V K
2009RAKE-MMSE Time Domain Equalizer for High Data Rate UWB Communication SystemDas, B; Das, S
2011Raman Spectroscopy as an Analytical Tool for Characterization of FluoroquinolonesSahoo, S; Chakraborti, C K; Mishra, S C; Nanda, U N; Naik, S
Feb-2015Rapid Prototyping of FPGA Based Digital Controller of DSTATCOM for Load Compensation Under Distorted Utility ConditionSahu, G; Kolluru, V R; Mahapatra, K K
2008A Rapid Screening Tool to Predict Optimal Feed Flow Sequence of A MultipleKhanam, S; Mohanty, B
Nov-2016Ratcheting Fatigue Behaviour of a Sensitized Austenitic Stainless Steel (Non-Conventional)Dutta, K; Bhattacharjee, A; Amarnath, L
Dec-2018Rational design and synthesis of organic fluorophores for blue OLEDsSivakumar, V
2006Reaction of Benzyl Chloride with Ammonium Sulfide under Liquid-Liquid Phase Transfer Catalysis: Reaction MechanismMaity, Sunil K.; Pradhan, N C; Patwardhan, Anand V.
2005Reaction of Benzyl Chloride with Aqueous Ammonium Sulfide under Liquid–Liquid Phase Transfer CatalysisMaity, Sunil K.; Patwardhan, Anand V.; Pradhan, N C
2001Reactive organization of particles into macroscopic length scales by myelin growthHota, G; Bellare, J R; Khilar, K C; Manohar, C
Dec-2014Real Time Implementation and Comparison of PI and Modified Inc Cond Control Algorithms for Solar ApplicationsKolluru, V R; Mahapatra, K K; Subudhi, B D
Dec-2013Real Time Implementation of Digital Filter on Control strategy of DSTATCOM for Load Compensation under Distorted Utility ConditionSahu, G; Mahapatra, K K
Oct-2018Real Time Monitoring of Ground Vibrations by Blasting In Mines Vis-a-Vis –a-Vis Wsn and Iot FrameworkPramanik, Jitendra; Samal, Abhaya Kumar; Jayanthu, Singam
Oct-2018Real time realization of highly reliable cascaded full-bridge interleaved buck inverter based APF using T1FLC id-iq control strategyPatel, Ranjeeta; Panda, Anup Kumar; Dash, Ashishranjan
Dec-2018Real-time efficient detection in Vision Based Static Hand Gesture RecognitionPanigrahi, Amrutnarayan; Mohanty, Jaganath Prasad; Swain, Ayaskanta; Mahapatra, Kamalakanta
Apr-2013Real-Time Implementation of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Finding the Power Spectrum Using LabVIEW and CompactRIODas, A D; Mahapatra, K K
Feb-2011Real-time Iris Segmentation based on Image MorphologyBakshi, S; Mehrotra, H; Majhi, B
Oct-2012A Real-time Model for Multiple Human Face Tracking from Low-resolution Surveillance VideosSarkar, R; Bakshi, S; Sa, Pankaj K
Mar-2012Real-Time Position Estimation and Tracking of a BasketballChakraborty, B; Meher, S