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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Preparation of karanja oil methyl esterSingh, R K; Kiran Kumar, A; Sethi, S
Dec-2018Preparation of Low-cost Porous Mullite Balls from Kaolin and Alumina Using Naphthalene as Pore-formerYadav, Amit Kumar; Farheen, Lubna; Bhattacharyya, Sunipa
2007Preparation of MgO–MgAl2O4 composite for refractory applicationMohapatra, Deepak; Sarkar, D
2004Preparation of nickel coated YSZ powder for application as an anode for solid oxide fuel cellsPratihar, S K; Sharma, A D; Basu, R N; Maiti, H S
2009Preparation of Silica Aerogel by Ambient Pressure Drying Process using Rice Husk Ash as Raw MaterialNayak, J P; Bera, J
Jun-1986Pressure Drop in Conical Packed BedsMurthy, J S N; Suryanarayana, A; Roy, G K
2005Pressureless sintering and tribological properties of WC–ZrO2 compositesBasu, B; Venkateswaran, T; Sarkar, D
Apr-2014Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Approach to Segment Primary Components from Pathological PhonocardiogramSankar, D S V; Roy, L P
Oct-2010Principal Component Analysis in Grey Based Taguchi Method for Optimization of Multiple Surface Quality Characteristics of 6061-T4 Aluminum in CNC End MillingDatta, S; Routara, B C; Bandyopadhyay, A; Mahapatra, S S
Jun-2015Printed Odia Digit Recognition Using Finite AutomatonMohaptra, R K; Majhi, B; Jena, S K
2006Prior Thermal Spikes and Thermal Shocks on Mechanical Behavior of Glass Fiber-epoxy CompositesRay, B C; Mula, S; Bera, T; Ray, P K
Mar-2019Privacy Preservation and Authentication Protocol for BBU-Pool in C-RAN ArchitectureMahapatra, Byomakesh; Yadav, Awaneesh Kumar; Kumar, Shailesh; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Aug-2016Proangiogenic Nano-Biomaterials for Bone Tissue EngineeringBanerjee, I
Aug-2018Probabilistic Models for Shear Bond Strength of Clay and Fly Ash BricksSahu, Santosini; Sarkar, Pradip; Davis, Robin
Mar-2013Problems of fly ash disposal and investigations on stability of admixture of fly ash and over burden material in opencast minesJayanthu, S
Nov-2012Problems of mining wastes management in india and its suggestive measures – case studiesPal, B K; Khanda, D K; Dey, S
Jan-2013Process and progress of sintering behavior of Cu-Al2O3 compositesDash, K; Panda, S; Ray, B C
2014Process Corner Variation Aware Design of Low Power Current Starved VCORout, P K; Acharya, D P; Panda, G; Nayak, D
Jan-2017A Process for Prevention of Browning in Fresh Cut Tender JackfruitPradhan, Rama Chandra
2007A Process Integration based Approach for the Analysis of an Evaporator SystemKhanam, S; Mohanty, B