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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Modeling of a novel multi-stage bubble column scrubber for flue gas desulfurizationMeikap, B C; Kundu, G; Biswas, M N
2010Modeling of a Topology Adaptive Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using Petri NetsChinara, S; Rath, S K
2007Modeling of Breakdown Voltage Behaviour of Leatherite Paper in the Presence of Void Using Artificial Neural NetworkGhosh, S; Mohanty, S
Dec-2019Modeling of climate change through time series analysis -a case study on eastern part of IndiaRao, M Uma Maheswar; Das, Pradip Kumar; Patra, Kanhu Charan
Dec-2019Modeling of Drain Current and Analog Characteristics of Dual-Metal Quadruple Gate (DMQG) MOSFETSSamoju, Visweswara Rao; Saramekala, Gopi Krishna; Tiwari, Pramod Kumar; Swain, Ayas Kanta; Mahapatra, Kamalakanta
Nov-2014Modeling of Micro Wire Electro Discharge Machining in Aerospace MaterialMaity, K P; Mohanta, M K
2003Modeling of nanoparticles formation by mixing of two reactive microemulsionsRamesh Kumar, A; Hota, G; Mehra, A; Khilar, K C
Jun-2019Modeling of solidification process during continuous casting process of plain carbon steelPal, Snehanshu; Vishal, G; Basu, Anindya
Oct-2011Modeling of the breakdown voltage of solid insulating materials using fuzzy logic techniquesMohanty, S; Ghosh, S
2006Modeling Two-Dimensional Diffusion-Controlled Wet Chemical Etching Using a total concentration approachRath, P; Chai, J C; Zheng, H; Lam, Y C; Murukeshan, V M
Apr-2016Modelling and Control of Distillation ColumnAcharya, P; Dumpa, G; Dan, T K
2006Modelling And Development Of A Horizontal Vibratory Rod Mill For Mechanical Alloying: A First ReportRay, P K; Ray, P K; Sundar Raja, V; Murty, B S; Chattopadhyay, K
Mar-2015Modelling and Optimization of Abrasive Flow Machining of AL AlloyMaity, K P; Tripathy, K C
2001Modelling and Position Control of Flexible Manipulator Using Artificial Neural NetworksSubudhi, B; Karnachi, N; Dutton, K
Aug-2019Modelling and Simulation Study of CO2 Capturing Process in Coal Fired Power Plant using Various Amine SolventsMunshi, Basudeb; Panda, Swaraj; Kumar, Arvind
2006Modelling Convection Driven Wet Chemical Etching Using a Total Concentration MethodRath, P; Chai, J C
Dec-2016Modelling Entry Capacity Reduction Factor of Roundabouts under the Influence of Pedestrians in Developing CountriesPatnaik, Ashish Kumar; Sahani, Rima; Sahoo, Kalpana; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Dec-2013Modelling GPR for Characterization of Subsurface EM PropertiesMaiti, S; Patra, S K; Bhattacharya, A
Feb-2020Modelling Interstellar Radiation Field in UVSahoo, Abinash; Pradhan, Ananta C; Murthy, J
Mar-2018Modelling of AODV Routing Protocol using Timed Coloured Petri NetsSethy, Suchismita; Chinaara, Suchismita