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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Optimized Robotic Assembly Sequence using ACOSharma, S; Biswal, B B; Dash, P; Choudhury, B B
Jan-2017Optimizing Execution Delay in Mobile Cloud ComputingMishra, Sambit Kumar; Sardar, Ranith; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Jena, Sanjay Kumar
Jun-2018Optimum design of an Electromagnetic energy harvester from a vibration absorption systemJawale, Praneet; J, Srinivas
2004Optimum design of crossflow plate-fin heat exchangers through genetic algorithmMishra, M; Das, P K; Sarangi, S K
May-2018Optimum Mode Operation and Implementation of Class E Resonant Inverter for Wireless Power Transfer ApplicationPattnaik, Monalisa; Kumar, Navin
Feb-2017Ore Fluid Characteristics of Orogenic Gold Deposits: An OverviewChinnasamy, Sakthi Saravanan
Oct-2011Orebody modeling with Uncertainty: a Bayesian Neural Network ApproachChatterjee, Saurav; Bandopadhyay, S
Jul-2014Organisational Learning in Public and Private Educational Institutes: Views of Teaching and Non-teaching StaffPatnaik, B
Nov-2011Organization of strata management cell – a vital requirementJayanthu, S; Laxminarayana, V; Singh, T N; Singh, D P
2010Organizational Learning and Organizational Climate in Educational SettingsPatnaik, Bhaswati
2012Organizational performance management system: exploring the manufacturing sectorsSahoo, C.K.; Jena, S
2011Organogels: Properties and Applications in drug deliverySahoo, S; Kumar, N; Bhattacharya, S; Sagiri, S S; Jain, K; Pal, K; Ray, S S; Nayak, B
Oct-2018OSNR Based Quality Estimation in Optical NetworkKumar, Vikram; Das, Santos Kumar
Oct-2017Osteoblast-Derived Giant Plasma Membrane Vesicle: A Novel Candidate for Biomimetic Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem CellsBanerjee, Indranil; Gaur, Deepanjali; Yogalakshmi, Yamini
Apr-2018Outage Analysis for Underlay Cognitive TWRN with Multi-antenna Sources in Nakagami-m fadingKhan, Imtiyaz; Matla, Rakesh; Singh, Poonam
Mar-2015Output Voltage Sensor based Maximum Power Point Tracking for PV system using SEPICKilli, M; Samanta, S
2010Overloading the Capacity of Multiple Access ChannelSingh, A; Singh, P
2008An Overview and Comparison of Four Sequence Generating Methods for Robotic AssemblyBiswal, B B; Mishra, D; Dash, P; Choudhury, B B
Nov-2012Overview of iron ore mining in india vis-a-vis status of production in 2020 ADS, Jayanthu; Sa, B K; S, Pitoshe; R S, Alok
2011An Overview of Task Scheduling and Performance Metrics in Grid ComputingChandak, A; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, A K