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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Navigation of Multiple Mobile Robots Using Swarm IntelligenceParhi, D R; Pothal, J K; Singh, M K
10-Jan-2015A Negative Multiscale Error Diffusion Technique for Digital HalftoningPanda, N R; Sahoo, A K; Kumar, S
Nov-2017Network Based Control of 2-DOF Serial Flexible Link ManipulatorSahu, Umesh Kumar; Patra, Dipti; Subudhi, Bidyadhar
2010Network Infrastructure Facilities: A Case Study of NIT Libraries in IndiaRao, Y S; Choudhury, B K
Jun-2012Network Lifetime Analysis of AODV, DSR and ZRP at Different Network ParametersRay, N K; Sharma, H B; Turuk, A K
2010Networked Services of NIT Libraries in India: A StudyRao, Y S; Choudhury, B K
2007Neural Network Analysis for Deposition of Nickel Alumnide Coatings on Steel by Plasma SprayingChiathanya, M; Satapathy, Alok; Mishra, S C; Ananthapadmanabhan, P V; Sreekumar, K P
2010Neural Network Analysis for Erosion Wear of Nickel-Aluminide Coatings on Steel by Plasma SprayingMishra, S C; M, Chaithanya; Satapathy, Alok; P V, Ananthapadmanabhan; K P, Sreekumar
2008Neural Network Analysis for Erosion Wear of Plasma Sprayed Nickel-Aluminide CoatingsMishra, S C; Satapathy, Alok; Mishra, H K; M, Chaithanya
1996Neural network and intelligent control - part ISwain, A K; Subudhi, B
1996Neural network and intelligent control - part IISwain, A K; Subudhi, B
2007A neural network approach for assessing quality in technical education: an empirical studyMahapatra, S S; Khan, M S
1999A neural network based feedback linearising controller for HVDC linksDash, P K; Routray, A; Mishra, S
Jul-2015Neuro –Genetic Approach for Predicting Maintainability Using Chidamber and Kemerer Software Metrics SuiteKumar, L; Rath, S K
2009Neuro-Fuzzy Model and Regression Model a Comparison study of MRR in Electrical Discharge Machining of D2 Tool SteelPradhan, M K; Biswas, C K
Sep-2017A Neuromorphic Person Re-Identification Framework for Video SurveillanceNanda, Aparajita; Sa, Pankaj K.; Choudhury, Suman K.; Bakshi, Sambit; Majhi, Banshidhar
2010Neutralization of Red Mud Using CO2 Sequestration CycleSahu, R C; Patel, R K; Ray, B C
2008Neutralization of Red Mud Using Mine WaterSahu, R C; Patel, R K; Ray, B C
2013Neutron Diffraction Studies On Cobalt Substituted BiFeO3Ray, J.; Biswal, A.K; Acharya, S.; Babu, P.D.; Siruguri, V.; Vishwakarma, P. N.
Dec-2014New Agro-Technology and Traditional Rural Family and Rural Power Structure: A Case Study from OdishaMishra, N