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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Mixing Characteristic of Homogeneous Binary Mixture of Regular Particles in a Gas-Solid Fluidized BedSahoo, A; Roy, G K
2005Mixing characteristic of homogeneous binary mixture of regular particles in a gas–solid fluidized bedSahoo, A; Roy, G K
2008Mixing Characteristics of Irregular Binaries in a Promoted Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed: A Mathematical ModelSahoo, A; Roy, G K
Nov-2017ML Based Velocity Estimator via Gamma Distributed Handover Counts in HetNetsTiwari, Ravi; Deshmukh, Siddharth
May-2015Mobile Technology: A Vital Information Dissemination Tools in Academic LibrariesSahu, S; Bhoi, P
2008Mobility Based Clustering Algorithm and the Energy Consumption Model of Dynamic Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworkChinara, S; Rath, S K
Dec-2013Mobility of Air Bubble Entrapped Through Jet ImpingementKawade, A; Ghosh, S
Dec-2013Mode of Occurrence of Trace Elements in Some Indian CoalEqueenuddin, Sk. Md.
Apr-2017Model based Predictive Control of the Four Tank SystemPrusty, Sankata B; Pati, Umesh C; Mahapatra, Kamala K
2013Model-Based Test-Case Generation for Simulink/Stateflow using Dependency Graph ApproachSridhar, A; D, Srinivasulu; Mohapatra, D P
2009Modeling and Analysis of process parameters on Surface Roughness in EDM of AISI D2 tool Steel by RSM ApproachPradhan, M K; Biswas, C K
2009Modeling and Analysis to Estimate the Performance of Heterogeneous ClusterChandra, Pushpendra Kumar; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Jena, S K
2004Modeling and Simulation of Solid-Liquid Equilibrium: Model Validation Using Solubility Data and Sensitivity Study for Polyethylene System.Maity, Sunil K.; Gayen, Kalyan; De, Sirshendu; Ganguly, Saibal
2007A modeling approach for prediction of erosion behavior of glass fiber–polyester compositesPatnaik, A; Satapathy, Alok; Mahapatra, S S; Dash, R R
Nov-2015Modeling GPR Signal for Fast and Accurate Characterization of Layered MediaMaiti, S; Patra, S K; Bhattacharya, A
2002Modeling of a novel multi-stage bubble column scrubber for flue gas desulfurizationMeikap, B C; Kundu, G; Biswas, M N
2010Modeling of a Topology Adaptive Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using Petri NetsChinara, S; Rath, S K
2007Modeling of Breakdown Voltage Behaviour of Leatherite Paper in the Presence of Void Using Artificial Neural NetworkGhosh, S; Mohanty, S
Nov-2014Modeling of Micro Wire Electro Discharge Machining in Aerospace MaterialMaity, K P; Mohanta, M K
2003Modeling of nanoparticles formation by mixing of two reactive microemulsionsRamesh Kumar, A; Hota, G; Mehra, A; Khilar, K C