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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2008Improved Offline Signature Verification Scheme Using Feature Point Extraction MethodJena, D; Majhi, B; Panigrahy, S K; Jena, S K
Jan-2011Improved Performance of Adaptive Hysteresis Current Controller Based Vector Control of PMSM Drive SystemNaik, A; Chitti Babu, B; Panda, A K
Mar-2023Improved Photodegrdation and Antimicrobial Activity of Hydrothermally Synthesized 0.2Ce-Tio2 /RGO Under Visible LightBehera, Lingaraj; Barik, Balaram; Mohapatra, Sasmita
2009Improved Protein Structural Class Prediction Using Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Immune SystemSahu, S S; Panda, G; Nanda, S Jagannath
Dec-2009Improved query plans for unnesting nested SQL queriesKhaitan, P; Satish, K M; Korra, S B; Jena, S K
2009An Improved S-Transform for Time-Frequency AnalysisSahu, S S; Panda, G; George, N V
2005An Improved Scheme for Digital Watermarking Using Functional Link Artificial Neural NetworkMajhi, B; Shalabi, H
Mar-2012Improved Techniques for High Performance Noise-Tolerant Domino CMOS Logic CircuitsD, Srinivasa V S Sarma; Mahapatra, K K
Apr-2013An Improved VLSI Architecture of S-box for AES EncryptionKumar, S; Sharma, V K; Mahapatra, K K
Nov-2017An Improved ZVS-PWM Buck Converter with ZCS Auxiliary CircuitKumar, Manikant; Pattnaik, Monalisa; Mishra, Jyotismita
2012Improvement of Mild Steel Surface Properties by Fly-ash + Quartz + Illmenite Composite CoatingBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Aug-2017Improvement of structural and electrical properties of RF sputtered CCTO thin films by post-deposition annealingTripathy, Nilakantha; Das, K. C.; Ghosh, S. P.; Kar, J. P.
Dec-2015Improving Energy Consumption in CloudMishra, S K; Deswal, R; Sahoo, S; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Dec-2016Improving Energy Usage in Cloud Computing Using DVFSMishra, S K; Parida, P P; Sahoo, S; Sahoo, B; Jena, S K
Jun-2016Improving GPR Signal Modelling for Efficient Characterization of Multi-layered MediaMaiti, S; Patra, S K; Bhattacharya, A
Mar-2012Improving Performance of PNN using Clustered ICs for Gender ClassificationKumari, S; Bakshi, S; Majhi, B
2010Improving the Surface Finish of ABS Plastic Parts built through Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) processMahapatra, S S
Dec-2018In-Network Distributed Identification of Wiener and Volterra-Laguerre Models for Nonlinear SystemsGupta, Saurav; Sahoo, Ajit Kumar; Sahoo, Upendra Kumar
Sep-2014In-service Performance of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite in Different Environmental Conditions: A ReviewMahato, K K; Shukla, M J; Kumar, D S; Ray, B C
Dec-2022InceptCodeNet Based CSI Feedback in Massive MIMO SystemsSwain, Anusaya; Hiremath, Shrishail M.; Surisetti, Pravallika; Patra, Sarat Kumar; Shivashankar, H