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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Low Cost Polymer Composites with Rural ResourcesMishra, S C
2010Low Cost System on Chip Design for Audio ProcessingSwain, Ayaskanta; Mahapatra, K K
Mar-2018Low Latency and Energy Efficient Sensor Selection for IoT ServicesShukla, Jaya; Maiti, Prasenjit; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Mar-2013Low Latency VLSI Architecture of S-box for AES EncryptionKumar, S; Sharma, V K; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2018A Low Offset Switched Capacitor based Interfacing Circuit for Integrated Capacitive SensorsTirupathi, Rakesh; Kar, Sougata Kumar
Oct-2011A Low Power Circuit Technique for Feedthrough LogicSahoo, S R; Mahapatra, K K
2008Low Power Filter Design using a Novel Dual Edge Triggered LatchDas, J K; Mahapatra, K K
Oct-2017A Low Power Square-Wave Generator with Wide Tuning Range for Instrumentation ApplicationsSingh, Ashutosh; Tirupathi, Rakesh; Kar, Sougata Kumar
Oct-2016A Low Rank Model Based Improved Eye Detection Under SpectaclesLazarus, M Z; Gupta, S
2007Low Temperature Sonoelectrodeposition of Nanocrystalline Copper DepositMallik, A; Chauhan, R N; Ray, B C
2004Low temperature synthesis of microwave dielectric LaAlO3 nanoparticles: effect of chloride on phase evolution and morphologySahu, P K; Behera, S K; Pratihar, S K; Bhattacharyya, S
Nov-2004Low temperature synthesis of spherical lanthanum aluminate nanoparticlesBehera, S K; Sahu, P K; Pratihar, S K; Bhattacharyya, S
Oct-2017A Low-Complexity Suboptimal Algorithm for Joint Resource and Subcarrier Assignment in Downlink OFDMA SystemYadav, Satyendra Singh; Lopes, Paulo A C; Patra, Sarat Kumar
Apr-2018Low-Cost Android App Based Voice Operated Room Automation SystemNath, Prasanmit; Pati, Umesh Chandra
Jun-2011A Low-Power Circuit Technique for Dynamic CMOS LogicMeher, P; Mahapatra, K K
Oct-2014A Low-Power CMOS Flip-Flop for High Performance ProcessorsMeher, P; Mahapatra, K K
2008Low-Temperature Processing of Dense Hydroxyapatite-Zirconia CompositesNayak, Y; Rana, R; Pratihar, S K; Bhattacharyya, S
Nov-2017Low-temperature Sintered SrCo1.5Ti1.5 Fe9O19 Ferrite for High-frequency Antenna ApplicationVinaykumar, R; Bera, Japes
May-2014LTE Physical Layer Implementation Using GPU Based High Performance ComputingBhattacharjee, S; Yadav, S S; Patra, S K
Dec-2018A Machine Learning Approach for Predicting DDoS Traffic in Software Defined NetworksSahoo, Kshira Sagar; Iqbal, Amaan; Maiti, Prasenjit; Sahoo, Bibhudatta