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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Loading Rate Sensitivity of Jute/Glass Hybrid Reinforced Epoxy Composites: Effect of Surface ModificationsSrivastav, A K; Behera, M K; Ray, B C
Dec-2012LOBS: Local Background Subtracter for Video SurveillanceHati, K K; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
Dec-2013Local Adaptive Laplacian for Better 2-D Up-samplingAcharya, A; Meher, S
Sep-2013Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Single Anchor NodeRashid, H; Turuk, A K
Jul-2018Locating tribal identity and cultural existence in the light of industrialization in post-colonial India’s JharkhandMishra, Niharranjan
2011Log Periodic Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Broadband ApplicationsKumari, R; Behera, S K
2011Log Periodic Dielectric Resonator Antenna for K and Ka-band ApplicationsKumari, R; Behera, S K; Mishra, R K
Apr-2018Longitudinal Creep Behavior of Nanocrystalline Ni-NiZr Glass NanocompositeMd., Meraj; Pal, Snehanshu
2006A Lossless Image Compression Technique using Simple Arithmetic Operations and its FPGA ImplementationPattanaik, S K; Mahapatra, K K
Jan-2013Low Bit Error Rate ZigBee Baseband Transceiver Design for IEEE 802.15.4Muni, B K; Patra, S K
Dec-2011A Low Complexity Embedded Image Coding Algorithm Using Hierarchical Listless DTTSenapati, R K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2010A Low Complexity Orthogonal 8×8 Transform Matrix for Fast Image CompressionSenapati, R K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2011Low Cost Heusler Ferromagnetic Shape Memory AlloyBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
2009Low Cost Polymer Composites with Rural ResourcesMishra, S C
2010Low Cost System on Chip Design for Audio ProcessingSwain, Ayaskanta; Mahapatra, K K
Mar-2018Low Latency and Energy Efficient Sensor Selection for IoT ServicesShukla, Jaya; Maiti, Prasenjit; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Mar-2013Low Latency VLSI Architecture of S-box for AES EncryptionKumar, S; Sharma, V K; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2018A Low Offset Switched Capacitor based Interfacing Circuit for Integrated Capacitive SensorsTirupathi, Rakesh; Kar, Sougata Kumar
Oct-2011A Low Power Circuit Technique for Feedthrough LogicSahoo, S R; Mahapatra, K K