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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Gene Expression Analysis Using ClusteringKumar, D; Rath, S K; Pandey, A
1997A Generalization of Minty's LemmaBehera, A; Panda, G K
1992A Generalized Nonlinear Complementarity Problem of Mathematical Programing in Banach SpacesBehera, A; Panda, G K
2005Generation of Bragg solitons through modulation instability in a Bragg grating structurePorsezian, K; Senthilnathan, K
Jul-2011Generation of Energy Conservation Measures for Sponge Iron PlantsPrasad, A K; Kumar, V; Khanam, S
2008Generation of optimized robotic assembly sequence using ant colony optimizationSharma, Surajit; Biswal, B B; Dash, P; Choudhury, B B
Nov-2012Generation of Optimized Robotic Assembly Sequence Using Immune Based TechniqueBiswal, B B; Pattanayak, S K; Mohapatra, R N; Parida, P K; Jha, P
2009Generation of Pulse Compression Codes Using NSGA-IISahoo, Ajit Kumar; Panda, G; Pradhan, Pyari Mohan
2007A genetic algorithm approach for scheduling flexible manufacturing system with setup constraintMishra, D; Biswal, B B; Choudhury, B B
2008A Genetic Algorithm Based Dynamic Load Balancing Scheme for Heterogeneous Distributed SystemsSahoo, Bibhudatta; Mohapatra, Sudipta; Jena, S K
1995Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Logic Controller for Real Time Liquid Level ControlSubudhi, B; Swain, A K
Jan-2011Genetic Algorithm techniques to solve Routing and Wavelength Assignment problem in Wavelength Division Multiplexing all-optical networksBarpanda, R S; Turuk, A K; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Majhi, B
2011A Genetic Algorithm Way of Solving RWA Problem in All Optical WDM NetworksBarpanda, R S; Turuk, A K; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Majhi, B
2007Genetic Cell Formation Using Ratio Level Data in Cellular Manufacturing SystemsMahapatra, S S; Sudhakarapandian, R
2000Genetic optimization of a self organizing fuzzy-neural network for load forecastingDash, P K; Mishra, S; Dash, S; Liew, A C
Dec-2016Geo-Engineering Properties of Sedimented Flyash Bed Stabilized By Chemical ColumnsPani, Aparupa; Singh, Suresh Prasad
2010Geochemistry of Mine Discharges at Makum Coalfield, AssamEqueenuddin, Sk. Md.; Trapathy, S; Sahoo, P K; Panigrahi, M K
Dec-2015Geochemistry of Mine water and Tailing at Malanjkhand Copper DepositEqueenuddin, S M; Panda, A; Singh, V
Nov-2012Geometric Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Heated LaminatedPanda, S K; Mahapatra, T R
Dec-2018Geospatial Variability of Groundwater Depth and Quality Parameters of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh-IndiaChandra, Nathi Ajay; Sahoo, Sanat Nalini