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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Formation of in-situ Ceramic Phases in N220 Nano Carbon Containing Low Carbon MgO-C RefractoryBehera, S; Sarkar, R
20-Apr-2005Formation of SrTiO3 from Sr-oxalate and TiO2Roy, P K; Bera, J
Nov-2011Formulation and characterization of Chitosan coated PLA/PLGA encapsulated microparticles for vaccine developmentNayak, B; Routa, P R; Panda, A K; Ray, A R
Mar-2013A Four Element Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna Array For Wireless ApplicationsKhan, I; Kumari, R; Behera, S K
Apr-2012Fourier Analysis of ‘in vivo’ Microscopic Images of Rat Prostate Tissue through Statistical ApproachVaishya, S K; Singh, A K; Bakshi, S; Singh, A K
Feb-2013FPGA for Reliance on Cloud ComputingMohanty, J P; Mahapatra, K K
Apr-2014FPGA Implementation of Digital PI Controller on Control S trategy of DSTATCOM for Power Quality ImprovementSahu, G; Mahapatra, K K
Apr-2013FPGA Implementation of Discrete Fourier Transform Core Using NEDAMankar, A; N, Prasad; Meher, S
2010FPGA Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controller For Elevator Group Control SystemPatjoshi, R K; Mahapatra, K K
Mar-2013FPGA Implementation of Pipelined CORDIC Based Quadrature Direct Digital Synthesizer with Improved SFDRPrasad, N; Swain, A K; Mahapatra, K K
Aug-2016FPGA Prototyping and Parameterised based Resource Evaluation of Network on Chip ArchitectureSwain, A K; Rajesh Kumar, B; Satpathy, S N; Mahapatra, K K
2007A framework for analysing quality in education settingsMahapatra, S S; Khan, M S
Feb-2011A Framework for Disaster Management using Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksRay, N K; Turuk, A K
2012A Framework towards Employee Engagement: The PSU ExperienceSahoo, C K; Mishra, S
Jul-2019Fraudulent Transaction Detection in Credit Card by Applying Ensemble Machine Learning techniquesPrusti, Debachudamani; Rath, Santanu Kumar
1982Free Convection in the Laminar Boundary Layer Flow of a Thermomicropolar Fluid past a Vertical Flat Plate with Suction/InjectionJena, S K; Mathur, M N
Dec-2012Free Vibration Analysis of A Pretwisted Functionally Graded Material Cantilever Timoshenko BeamMohanty, S C
Aug-2015Free Vibration Analysis of Cantilever Beams with Transverse Open CracksSahu, S K; Rohini, B
Dec-2017Free vibration analysis of fiber metal laminated platesPrasad, E V; Sahu, S K
Apr-2018Free Vibration Analysis of Single Walled Carbon Nanotube with Exponentially Varying StiffnessChakraverty, Snehashish; Jena, Subrat Kumar