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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Facial Expression Recognition using 2D Stationary Wavelet Transform and Gray-Level Co-occurrence MatrixKar, Nikunja Bihari; Korra, Satya Babu
Apr-2015Facial Expression Recognition Using Local Binary Patterns and Kullback Leibler DivergenceVupputuri, A; Meher, S
2011Failure and Fractography Studies of FRP Composites: Effects of Loading Speed and EnvironmentsDalai, R P; Ray, B C
2002A family of mononuclear molybdenum-(VI), and -(IV) oxo complexes with a tridentate (ONO) ligandDinda, R; Sengupta, P; Ghosh, S; Mayer-Figge, Heike; Sheldrick, W S
Nov-2001A fast and accurate distance relaying scheme using an efficient radial basis function neural networkPradhan, A K; Dash, P K; Panda, G
4-Jun-1992Fast computation of multidimensional discrete Hartley transformMeher, P K; Satapathy, J K; Panda, G
2007A Fast Edge Detection Algorithm for Road Boundary Extraction Under Non uniform Light ConditionRoutray, A; Mohanty, K B
2006Fast firing of lead zirconate titanate ceramics at low temperatureSeal, A; Mazumder, R; Sen, A; Maiti, H S
1998Fast tracking of transient power system signals using fuzzy LMS algorithmDash, P K; Liew, A C; Swain, D P; Mishra, B
2000Fatigue crack growth delay following overloadVerma, B B; Kumar, A; Ray, P K
2002Fatigue crack growth retardation in spot heated mild steel sheetVerma, B B; Ray, P K
2005Fault Classification and Ground detection using Support Vector MachineSamantaray, S R; Dash, P K; Panda, G
2006Fault Classification and Ground detection using Support Vector MachineSamantaray, S R; Dash, P K; Panda, G
2006Fault classification and location using HS-transform and radial basis function neural networkSamantaray, S R; Dash, P K; Panda, G
2007Fault Classification and Section Identification of an Advanced Series-Compensated Transmission Line Using Support Vector MachineDash, P K; Samantaray, S R; Panda, G
Jun-2015Fault detection of self excited induction generatorDalei, J; Mohanty, K B
Dec-2009A Fault Model for Testing the Access Control Policies using Classified Mutation OperatorSharma, S; Jena, S K
2011Fault Tolerant Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing in Wireless NetworkJaiswal, J; Khilar, Pabitra Mohan
Dec-2017Feasibility Studies on Gas Foil Journal Bearings in Helium TurboexpanderPradhan, Biren Kumar; Behera, Suraj K
Feb-2014Feasibility Studies on Gas Foil Journal Bearings In Small and High Speed Oil-Free Cryogenic TurboexpanderBehera, S K; Sarangi, S K; Singh, T