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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Evidence of Magneto-Dielectric Coupling at Room Temperature in Polycrystalline KBiFe2O5Chandrakanta, K; Pal, P; Abdullah, Md. F; Patel, S; Jena, R; Mohapatra, S R; Kaushik, S D; Singh, A K
Sep-2009Evolution of Nanostructures, Mechanical and Magnetic Properties in Electrochemically deposited Cu/Ni Multilayers under UltrasoundMallik, A; Ray, B C
Jan-2011Evolution of Principle and Practice of Electrodeposited Thin Film: A Review on Effect of Temperature and SonicationMallik, A; Ray, B C
2009Evolution of Weak Discontinuities in Shallow Water EquationsRaja Sekhar, T; Sharma, V D
2007An evolutionary approach to parameter optimisation of submerged arc welding in the hardfacing processPatnaik, A; Biswas, Sandhyarani; Mahapatra, S S
2008An Evolutionary Based Slow and Fast Moving Video Object Detection Scheme Using Compound Markov Random Field ModelSubudhi, B N; Nanda, P K
2008An Evolutionary Based Slow and Fast Moving Video Object Detection Scheme Using Compound Markov Random Field ModelSubudhi, B N; Nanda, P K
Nov-2017Evolutionary Technique Based CAD Model for Microstrip Antenna SynthesisNanda, Sambhudutta; Das, Chandraneel; Sahu, P. K; Mishra, R. K
Mar-2011Exact Maximum Likelihood Direction Of Arrival Estimation Using Bacteria Foraging OptimizationHanumantharao, A D; Panigrahi, T; Sahoo, U K; Panda, G; Suresh, B
Aug-2014An Examination of Success of Mergers and Acquisitions in Manufacturing Sector in India Using Index ScoreLeepsa, N M; Mishra, C S
Dec-2015Execution of Real Time Task on Cloud EnvironmentSahoo, S; Nawaz, S; Mishra, S K; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
1994Exergy maximization in cryogenic regeneratorsSahoo, R K; Das, S K
1989Exergy maximization in refrigeration storage units with heat leakSahoo, R K
May-2017Existence and Concentration of Solutions for A Class of Elliptic PDEs Involving p-biharmonic OperatorGiri, Ratan Kumar; Choudhuri, Debajyoti; Pradhan, Shesadev
2009Experimental and Computational study of the Bed Dynamics of Semi - Cylindrical Gas - Solid Fluidized BedSahoo, A; Ray, G K
Dec-2015Experimental and Numerical Studies of Phase Change Phenomena at Cryogenic TemperatureRajpuriya, V; Kumar, A
Dec-2012Experimental and numerical study on buckling effects of woven fiber laminated composite plates in hygrothermal environmentSahu, S K; Rath, M K
Jul-2013Experimental and Numerical Study on Vibration of Industry Driven Woven Fiber Carbon/Epoxy Laminated Composite PlatesNayak, N; Meher, S; Sahu, S K
Sep-2017Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Bi and Tri Nuclear EuIII Complexes for Red/White Emitting LEDsDevi, Rachna; B., Rajamouli; V., Sivakumar
Jul-2018Experimental Determination of Apparent Fracture Toughness of Thin Aluminium SheetsGattu, Mahendra