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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Evaluation of dielectric behavior of bio-waste reinforced polymer compositeMishra, S C; Aireddy, H
Dec-2017Evaluation of Different Loss Models for Runoff EstimationDandapat, Asit Kumar; Sahoo, Sanat Nalini
Aug-2017Evaluation of Empirical Equations for Dam Breach Parameters and its Application in Indian Dam Failure CasesDhiman, S.; Kanhu Charan, Patra
2009Evaluation of Erosion Wear of a Ceramic Coating with Taguchi ApproachMishra, S C; Praharaj, S; Satapathy, Alok
Jun-2019Evaluation of extrudates from sorghum-grape pomace blends by extrusion processingSingh, Sushil K.; Singha, Poonam; Dwivedi, Madhuresh
Nov-2018Evaluation of flexural properties of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) modified Carbon Fibre Reinforced CompositeDe, Soubhik; Gangineni, Pavan Kumar; Prusty, Rajesh Kumar; Ray, Bankim Chandra
May-2011Evaluation of Flow Characteristics of Fly Ash Slurry at 40% Solid Concentration with and without an AdditiveNaik, H K; Mishra, M K; Rao, K U M
2014Evaluation of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites Under the Exposure to Up and Down-Thermal ShocksChakraverty, A P; Mohanty, U K; Mishra, S C; Biswal, B B
2013Evaluation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nano-Y2O3-Dispersed Ferritic Alloy Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying and Consolidated by High-Pressure SinteringKarak, S K; Majumdar, J D; Witczak, Z; Lojkowski, W; Ciupin, L; Kurzydłowski, K J; Manna, I
2008Evaluation of overload-induced fatigue crack growth retardation parameters using an exponential modelMohanty, J R; Verma, B B; Ray, P K
Apr-2012Evaluation of Periocular over Face Biometric: A Case StudyBakshi, S; Kumari, S; Raman, R; Sa, Pankaj K
Oct-2018Evaluation of Stability of Dump Slopes Through Observational and Mumerical Model Approach – Case StudyJayanthu, Singam; Himabindu; Khan, Galib; Mahesh, B; Sridhar, BJ
Oct-2018Evaluation of Strata Behaviour and Goaf Atmosphere in Thick Seam Mining - A Case StudiesJayanthu, Singam; Kamat, Chetnarayan
2011Evaluation of structural integrity and mechanical behavior of advanced FRP compositesSethi, S; Ray, B C
Oct-2014Evaluation of viability of bacteria using in vitro gastro intestinal model and formulation of functional food with synbiotic microcapsulesJayabalan, R; Goderska, K; Dethose, A; Johnson, E; Sahoo, M; Dash, I; Sasikumar, A P; Suh, J W
Feb-2011Evaluation of Web Application Security Risks and Secure Design PatternsDalai, A K; Jena, S K
Dec-2015Evaluation of Zero Shear Interface Methods in an Asymmetric Compound ChannelDevi, K; Khatua, K K; Samal, R N S D
Dec-2018Evidence of Magneto-Dielectric Coupling at Room Temperature in Polycrystalline KBiFe2O5Chandrakanta, K; Pal, P; Abdullah, Md. F; Patel, S; Jena, R; Mohapatra, S R; Kaushik, S D; Singh, A K
Sep-2009Evolution of Nanostructures, Mechanical and Magnetic Properties in Electrochemically deposited Cu/Ni Multilayers under UltrasoundMallik, A; Ray, B C
Jan-2011Evolution of Principle and Practice of Electrodeposited Thin Film: A Review on Effect of Temperature and SonicationMallik, A; Ray, B C