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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2013Application of Hierarchical Slicing to Regression Test Selection of Java ProgramsPanda, S; Mohapatra, D P
2006Distributed dynamic slicing of Java programsMohapatra, D P; Kumar, R; Mall, R; Kumar, D S; Bhasin, M
2008Dynamic slicing of aspect-oriented programsMohapatra, D P; Sahu, M; Kumar, R; Mall, R
2004An edge marking technique for dynamic slicing of object-oriented programsMohapatra, D P; Mall, R; Kumar, R
Mar-2013Enhanced Modified Condition/Decision Coverage Using Exclusive-Nor Code TransformerGodboley, S; Prashanth, G S; Mohapatra, D P; Majhi, B
Oct-2015Green-JEXJ: A New Tool to Measure Energy Consumption of Improved Concolic TestingGodboley, S; Dutta, A; Besra, B; Mohapatra, D P
Mar-2014Intermediate Mode Scheduling in Computational GridPanda, S K; Agrawal, P; Mohapatra, D P
2013Model-Based Test-Case Generation for Simulink/Stateflow using Dependency Graph ApproachSridhar, A; D, Srinivasulu; Mohapatra, D P
2004A novel approach for computing dynamic slices of object-oriented programs with conditional statementsMohapatra, D P; Mall, R; Kumar, R
2008A Novel Approach for Scenario-Based Test Case GenerationBiswal, B N; Nanda, P; Mohapatra, D P
2005A Parallel Algorithm for Dynamic Slicing of Distributed Java Programs in non-DSM SystemsMohapatra, D P; Mall, R; Kumar, R
2014Skewness-Based Min-Min Max-Min Heuristic for Grid Task SchedulingPanda, S K; Agrawal, P; Khilar, P M; Mohapatra, D P
2008Slicing Java Server Pages ApplicationSahu, M; Mohapatra, D P
Mar-2014X-DualMake: Novel Immediate Mode Scheduling Heuristics in Computational GridsPanda, S K; Agrawal, P; Mohapatra, D P