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Date of IssueTitle Authors
3-Aug-2009 Parametric optimisation of multi response drilling process using Grey based Taguchi methodPanda, S S; Mahapatra, S S
2008 Parametric Optimization Erosion Wear of Polyester-GF-Alumina Hybrid Composites using the Taguchi MethodPatnaik, A; Satapathy, Alok; Mahapatra, S S; Dash, R R
2007 Parametric Resonance Characteristics of Angle-ply Twisted Curved PanelsSahu, S K; Asha, A V
2001 Parametric resonance characteristics of laminated composite doubly curved shells subjected to non-uniform loadingParametric resonance characteristics of laminated composite doubly curved shells subjected to non-uniform loadingSahu, S K; Datta, P K
2003 Parametric Studies on Batch Alcohol Fermentation Using Saccharomyces Yeast Extracted from ToddyPramanik, K
Dec-2010 Partial least squares: application in classification and multivariable process dynamics identificationDamarla, S K; Kavuri, N C; Kaushikaram, K S; Kundu, M
2006 Particle size dependence of magnetization and phase transition near TN in multiferroic BiFeO3Mazumder, R; Ghosh, S; Mondal, P; Bhattacharya, Dipten; Dasgupta, S; Das, N; Sen, A; Tyagi, A K; Sivakumar, M; Takami, T; Ikuta, H
2009 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Regularization for Image RestorationDash, R; Majhi, B
Mar-2012 Patent Search: A way for InnovationRao, Y S
Feb-2012 Pattern-based Simulation using Self Organized MapsChatterjee, S; Dimitrakopoulos, R
Aug-2012 The Patterns of Consumption Expenditure in Rural Households of Western Odisha of India: An Engel Ratio AnalysisSethi, N; Pradhan, H K
2009 PCA Fused NN Approach for Drill Wear Prediction in Drilling Mild Steel SpecimenPanda, S S; Mahapatra, S S
Sep-2011 Performance Analysis of Adaptive Resource Clustering in GridChandak, A; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, A K
May-2011 Performance analysis of blends of karanja methyl ester in a compression ignition engineSingh, R K; Rath, S
2006 Performance Analysis Of Concurrent Tasks Scheduling Schemes In A Heterogeneous Distributed Computing SystemSahoo, Bibhudatta; Ekka, A A
May-2011 Performance analysis of doublyfed induction generator for wind energy conversion systemChoudhury, S; Mohanty, K B; Chitti Babu, B
2009 Performance Analysis of Load Balancing Algorithms for cluster of Video on Demand ServersChandra, Pushpendra Kumar; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Apr-2014 Performance analysis of low complexity multiuser STBC MC-CDMA systemBehera, S; Patra, S K
2008 Performance analysis of MMSE based adaptive multiuser detection of DS-CDMA signals in dispersive and non-dispersive channelsGajbhiye, M R; Sathpathy, J K
Mar-2012 Performance Analysis of Modified Feedthrough Logic for Low Power and High SpeedSahoo, S R; Mahapatra, K K
2011 Performance Analysis of OCV based Non Coherent MA Chaotic Communication System with Adaptive Multi User ReceiversS, Venkatesh; Singh, P
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