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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2008 Modified MAC for Priority Traffic with Slow Decrease of Contention Window and Reservation Based Packet Forwarding in IEEE 802.11 for QoS ProvisioningPuthal, D K; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, A K; Mrinal, Nandi
2008 Modified Particle Swarm Optimization for Solving Machine-Loading Problems in Flexible Manufacturing SystemsBiswas, Sandhyarani; Mahapatra, S S
2007 Modified particles warm optimization for solving machine-loading problems in flexible manufacturing systemsBiswas, Sandhyarani; Mahapatra, S S
Dec-2009 A Modified Remote User Authentication Scheme using Smart Card based on ECDLPJena, D; Panigrahy, S K; Jena, S K; Pani, S K
1997 A modular integration and multiresolution framework for image restorationSunil Kumar, K; Nanda, P K; Desai, U B
2004 Modulational instability in a fibre and a fibre Bragg gratingGanapathy, R; Senthilnathan, K; Porsezian, K
2005 Modulational Instability in Fiber Bragg Grating With Non-Kerr NonlinearityPorsezian, K; Senthilnathan, K; Devi Priya, S
Jul-2009 A Molecular Structure Descriptor Derived from Bond-Disconnection: Application to Quantitative Structure Property RelationshipsSahoo, S; Patel, S; Dash, S; Mishra, B K
2007 Moment based Object Recognition using Artificial Neural NetworkDutta, Saibal; Nanda, P K
Mar-2013 Monitoring and analysis of vibration signal based on virtual instrumentationMohanta, S; Pati, U C
Oct-2014 Monitoring and Prediction of Fugitive Dust Concentration in an Opencast Coal Project Using AERMODTripathy, D P
Jun-2011 Monitoring of Bioreactor using Statistical TechniquesDamarla, S K; Kundu, M
2005 Monitoring of Drill Flank Wear in the Time DomainPanda, S S; Charkraborty, D; Pal, S K
2007 Monitoring of drill flank wear using fuzzy back propagation neural networkPanda, S S; Charkraborty, D; Pal, S K
Jun-2011 Monitoring of Drum-boiler Process Using Statistical TechniquesDamarla, S K; Kundu, M
2009 Monitoring Protein Folding and Unfolding Pathways through Surface Hydrophobicity Changes Using Fluorescence and Circular Dichroism SpectroscopyLamba, J; Paul, S; Hasija, V; Aggarwal, R; Chaudhuri, T K
Jul-2013 MoO3-ZrO2 Nanocomposite Oxide: A Green Heterogeneous Catalyst Towards Environmentally Benign Synthesis of Some Bbiologically Potent MoleculesSamantaray, S; Kar, P; Mishra, B G; Hota, G
2009 Morphological study of electrodeposited copper under the influence of ultrasound and low temperatureMallik, A; Ray, B C
2012 Morphology and solid particle erosion wear behavior of red mud composite coatingsSutar, H; Mishra, S C; Sahoo, S K; Satapathy, Alok; Kumar, V
Jul-2013 Morphology-Controllable Synthesis of Nickel Nanostructures through Solution Route using Hydrazine Hydrate as a Precipitating AgentNayak, B B; Nayak, N B; Mohanty, S K; Mondal, A
2014 Mosaicing of Images using Unsharp Masking Algorithm for Interest Point DetectionMaheshwari, S; Pati, U C
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