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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2008 Novel Modified Hill Cipher AlgorithmAcharya, B; Rath, G S; Patra, S K
Nov-2010 A novel modulo (2n + 1) multiplication approach for IDEA cipherMukherjee, S; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
2009 A Novel Multiple Access Scheme using MSE-OFDM for UplinkSingh, P; Chakrabarti, Saswat; Rajakumar, R V
Mar-2012 A Novel Phase Detection System for Linear All-Digital Phase Locked LoopDas, A; Dash, S; Chitti Babu, B; Sahoo, A K
29-Jul-2008 A Novel Protocol for Smart Card Using ECDLPJena, D; Panigrahy, S K; Biswal, P K; Jena, S K
2008 A novel protocol for smart card using ECDLPJena, D; Panigrahy, S K; Biswal, P K; Jena, S K
13-May-1993 Novel recursive algorithm and highly compact semisystolic architecture for high throughput computation of 2-D DHTMeher, P K; Panda, G
Jan-2009 A Novel Remote User Authentication Scheme using Smart Card based on ECDLPJena, D; Jena, S K; Mohanty, D; Panigrahy, S K
2004 A Novel Scheme to Reduce Burst-Loss and Provide QoS in Optical Burst Switching NetworksTuruk, A K; Kumar, R
2007 A Novel Secure Key Agreement Protocol using Trusted Third PartyKulkarni, S; Jena, D; Jena, S K
2005 A novel site adaptive propagation modelPanda, G; Mishra, R K; Palai, S S
2008 A Novel Soft-Switching Synchronous Buck Converter for Portable ApplicationsPanda, Anup Kumar; Pattnaik, S; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2010 A Novel SRF Based Cascaded Multilevel Active Filter for Power Line ConditionersKaruppanan, P; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2010 A Novel Swarm Optimization Technique for Partner Selection in Virtual EnterpriseNayak, N; Prasanna, K; Datta, S; Mahapatra, S S; Sahu, S
2013 A Novel Technique for Improved Recovery of Mg-Analysis of the Microstructure and Physical PropertiesSamal, B P; Misra, A K; Panigrahi, S C; Mishra, S C
2010 A Novel Technique for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photo-Voltaic Energy Conversion SystemChitti Babu, B; Vigneshwaran, R; Sudharshan K, R; Dalei, Nayan Kumar; Das, R N
Dec-2013 A Novel Technique for Non-overlapping Image Mosaicing based on Pyramid MethodPandey, A; Pati, U C
2006 A Novel Technique for Phenolic Wastewater TreatmentJena, H M; Roy, G K; Singh, R K
Jan-2011 A Novel Technique for QRS Complex detection in ECG Signal based on Hilbert Transform and AutocorrelationSahoo, J P; Behera, S; Ari, S
Jan-2013 A Novel Technique for Wall Crack Detection Using Image FusionMuduli, P R; Pati, U C
2006 A Novel Technique to Reduce the Switching Losses in a Synchronous Buck ConverterPanda, A K; Aroul, K
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