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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1996 Micro-Macro Irrigation System and Design and PlanningDas, S K; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Sep-2011 A Micromechanics approach to evaluate the interface of metal matrix compositesDash, K; Panda, S
Jul-2012 Microscopic study of a solid insulating material after breakdown under DC and AC voltagesMohanty, S; Ghosh, S; Panda, P C
2010 Microstrip Line-Fed Modified Sierpinki Fractal Monopole Antenna for Dual-Wideband ApplicationsChoukiker, Y K; Behera, S K
Dec-2012 Microstrip Line Fed RDRA with Improved BandwidthGupta, R D; Behera, P K; Behera, S K
2013 Micro-structural Analysis of Fly Ash and Clay CompactsPattanaik, A; Mishra, S C
Jan-2011 Microstructural and magnetic properties of microwave synthesized La-Sr-Mn-O: ferrite nanocompositesBehera, B; Nayak, B B; Chaira, D
2009 Microstructural and Mechanical Aspects of Carbon/Epoxy Composites at Liquid Nitrogen TemperatureSurendra Kumar, M; Sharma, Neeti; Ray, B C
2010 Microstructural and Substructural Variations during Symmetric and Microstructural and Substructural Variations during Symmetric and Asymmetric Cyclic Loading of AISI 304LN Stainless SteelDutta, K; Sivaprasad, S; Tarafder, S; Ray, K K
16-May-2007 Microstructural Assessment of Freeze-Thaw Impact on Carbon/Glass/Epoxy CompositesSethy, S; Mohanty, U K; Ray, B C
Nov-2011 Microstructural Studies of Al‐Al2O3 Nanocomposites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy RouteDash, K; Chaira, D; Ray, B C
2008 Microstructure, Adhesion, and Erosion Wear of Plasma Sprayed Alumina–Titania Composite CoatingsMishra, S C; Sahu, Anupama; Das, Rojaleena; Satapathy, Alok; Sen, S; Ananthapadmanabhan, P V; Sreekumar, K P
Mar-2012 Microstructure and leaching characteristics of fly ash-mine overburden-lime mixturesBehera, B; Mishra, M K
2013 Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nano-Y2O3 Dispersed Ferritic Alloys Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying and Consolidated by Hydrostatic ExtrusionKarak, S K; Majumdar, J D; Witczak, Z; Lojkowski, W; Manna, I
2011 Microstructure and mechanical properties of nano-Y2O3 dispersed ferritic steel synthesized by mechanical alloying and consolidated by pulse plasma sinteringKarak, S K; Majumdar, J Dutta; Lojkowski, W; Michalski, A; Ciupinski, L; Kurzydłowski, K J; Manna, I
Nov-2012 Milling effect on Cu-graphite metal matrix composite prepared by powder metallurgy routeSamal, C P; Parihar, J S; Chaira, D
Jan-2012 Mine Closure Planning Issues and Strategies in The Indian ContextTripathy, D P
Dec-2011 Miners work injury determination using Bayesian structural equation modelChatterjee, S; Dash, R K
2007 Minimum fluidization velocities and maximum bed pressure drops for gas–solid tapered fluidized bedsSau, D C; Mohanty, S; Biswal, K C
2002 Minimum Fluidization Velocity in Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds with Co-axial Rod and Disk PromotersKumar, A; Roy, G K
2009 Mitigating DDoS attack and Saving Computational Time using a Probabilistic approach and HCF methodSwain, Biswa Ranjan; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
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