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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jun-2011 A New Ultra Low-Power and Noise Tolerant Circuit Technique for CMOS Domino LogicMeher, P; Mahapatra, K K
2014 NIR Image based Pedestrian Detection in Night Vision with Cascade Classification and ValidationGovardhan, P; pati, U C
1983 Nitrogen Oxide Emission Control- A ReviewBhowmik, T; Roy, G K
Nov-2011 Noise Cancellation Techniques for Enhancing Speech Communication in Mechanized MinesRaghav, A; Jayanthu, S
Sep-1973 Nomograph for the Prediction of Minimum Semi-Fluidization Velocity of Irregular Particles in Gas-Solid SystemsRoy, G K
Dec-2012 Nonlinear analysis of sloshing in rigid rectangular tank under harmonic excitationBiswal, K C; Nayak, S K
Dec-2002 Non-linear channel equalization using computationally efficient neuro-fuzzy channel equalizerSahu, P K; Patra, S K; Panigrahi, S P
2000 Nonlinear Controller for Induction Motor DriveMohanty, K B; De, N K
Dec-2010 Nonlinear Self-Tuning PID Controller for a Flexible Manipulator based on NARMAX ModelPradhan, Santanu Kumar; Subudhi, B D
2009 Nonlinear System Identification of A Twin Rotor MIMO SystemSubudhi, B; Jena, D
2009 Nonlinear System Identification using Opposition Based Learning Differential Evolution and Neural Network TechniquesSubudhi, B; Jena, D
Jul-2013 No Reference, Fuzzy Weighted Unsharp Masking Based DCT Interpolation for Better 2-D Up-samplingAcharya, A; Meher, S
Mar-2013 A Notched Chamfered Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna Array for Wireless ApplicationsKhan, I; Kumari, R; Behera, S K
Oct-2010 Note on Finite Element Method MethodKhatua, K K
2010 A Novel Active Power Line Conditioners using PLL Synchronization and PI ControllerKaruppanan, P; Mahapatra, K K
2008 Novel Adaptive B-Spline Filter for Hybrid Echo CancellationDash, R; Panda, R; Acharya, B; Majhi, B
Dec-2009 A Novel and Efficient Cryptosystem for Long Message EncryptionJena, D; Panigrahy, S K; Jena, S K
2004 A novel approach for computing dynamic slices of object-oriented programs with conditional statementsMohapatra, D P; Mall, R; Kumar, R
Oct-2012 A Novel Approach for Saliency Detection based on Multiscale Phase SpectrumSingh, D; Meher, S
2008 A Novel Approach for Scenario-Based Test Case GenerationBiswal, B N; Nanda, P; Mohapatra, D P
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