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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jan-2011 Improved Performance of Adaptive Hysteresis Current Controller Based Vector Control of PMSM Drive SystemNaik, A; Chitti Babu, B; Panda, A K
2009 Improved Protein Structural Class Prediction Using Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Immune SystemSahu, S S; Panda, G; Nanda, S Jagannath
Dec-2009 Improved query plans for unnesting nested SQL queriesKhaitan, P; Satish, K M; Korra, S B; Jena, S K
2005 An Improved Scheme for Digital Watermarking Using Functional Link Artificial Neural NetworkMajhi, B; Shalabi, H
2009 An Improved S-Transform for Time-Frequency AnalysisSahu, S S; Panda, G; George, N V
Mar-2012 Improved Techniques for High Performance Noise-Tolerant Domino CMOS Logic CircuitsD, Srinivasa V S Sarma; Mahapatra, K K
Apr-2013 An Improved VLSI Architecture of S-box for AES EncryptionKumar, S; Sharma, V K; Mahapatra, K K
2012 Improvement of Mild Steel Surface Properties by Fly-ash + Quartz + Illmenite Composite CoatingBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Mar-2012 Improving Performance of PNN using Clustered ICs for Gender ClassificationKumari, S; Bakshi, S; Majhi, B
2010 Improving the Surface Finish of ABS Plastic Parts built through Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) processMahapatra, S S
2013 Increase in Modified Condition/Decision Coverage Using Program Code TransformerGodboley, S; Prashanth, G S; Mohapatro, D P; Majhi, B
2009 Indexing Iris Biometric Database Using Energy Histogram of DCT SubbandsMehrotra, H; Srinivas, B G; Majhi, B
Nov-1970 India's Sulphur Problem and its SolutionGayen, A K; Roy, G K
May-2011 Indirect Vector Control of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic ControllerKar, B N; Mohanty, K B; Singh, M
1995 Industrial pollution control using intelligent controllersSwain, A K; Subudhi, B; Swain, R K
2002 Influence of Coaxial-Rod- and Coaxial-Blade-Type Baffles on Bed Expansion in Gas-Solid FluidizationKumar, A; Roy, G K
2002 Influence of coaxial-rod- and coaxial-blade-type baffles on bed expansion in gas–solid fluidizationKumar, A; Roy, G K
2006 Influence of crucible Roatation Speed on hardness, Cast structure and Impact PropertiesRay, B C; Mohanty, U K; Verma, B B
2007 Influence of dispersion states of carbon nanotubes on mechanical and electrical properties of epoxy nanocompositesBal, S
2006 Influence of Dispersion States of Carbon Nanotubes on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy NanocompositesBal, S; Samal, S S
2010 Influence of Factors in Provision of Networked Services: An Empirical Study in IndiaRao, Y S; Choudhury, B K
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