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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2009 Design of Single Feed Dual Polarized and Dual Frequency Rectangular Patch AntennaManohar, M; Behera, S K; Sahu, P K
2005 Design of Turboexpander for Cryogenic ApplicationsGhosh, S K; Seshaiah, N; Sahoo, R K; Sarangi, S K
Dec-2011 Design of Wideband Fractal Antenna with Combination of Fractal GeometriesChoukiker, Y K; Behera, S K
Nov-2013 Design & Performance analysis of D-STATCOM for Non-Linear Load Composite CompensationSahu, G; Mahapatra, K K; Sahu, S K
Dec-2012 A Detailed Comparative Analysis between two Soft Switching techniques used in PV ApplicationsAnurag, A; Bal, S; Chitti Babu, B
2008 Detection of slow moving video objects using compound Markov random Field modelSubudhi, B N; Nanda, P K
2008 Detection of Slow Moving Video Objects Using Compound Markov Random Field Model ModelSubudhi, B N; Nanda, P K
2009 Detection of Tight ion-Pair in Some Novel Lipopathic Oxidants from the Monolayer at Air-Water InterfaceMishra, B K; Sahu, S; Pradhan, S; Patel, S
Dec-2012 Determination of Activation Energy from Pyrolysis of Paper Cup Waste Using Thermogravimetric AnalysisSingh, R K; Biswal, B; Kumar, S
2006 Determination of Crack Coefficients for a Single Edge-Notch Tension Specimen Using Franc2D ProgramMohanty, J R; Joni, A; Ray, P K; Verma, B B
2010 Determination of fatigue crack growth rate from experimental data: A new approachMohanty, J R; Verma, B B; Ray, P K
1978 A determination of Jovian ammonia abundance based on a 2 μm spectrumSarangi, S K; Margolis, J S
2009 Determination of optimum gas holdup conditions in a Three-phase Fluidized Bed by Genetic AlgorithmJena, H M; Roy, G K; Mahapatra, S S
Aug-2011 Determination of Physical Characteristics of Nifedipine MicrosphereParida, P; Mishra, S C
2004 Determination of recrystallization stop temperature (TR) of an HSLA steelRay, P K; Ganguly, R I; Panda, A K
2009 Determination of Soil Pollution Index and Soil Infiltration Rates in Some Non-fire and Fire Areas of Jharia Coal FieldTripathy, D P; Panigrahi, D C; Singh, Gurdeep
Mar-2011 Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composites Filled with Solid Glass BeadsMishra, D; Mohapatra, L; Satapathy, Alok; Patnaik, A
2009 Developed LAminar Flow in Pipe using Computational Fluid DynamicsSahu, M; Khatua, K K; Patra, K C; Naik, T
2010 Development and Characterization of Chitosan based Polymeric Hydrogel MembranesRay, M; Pal, K; Anis, A; Banthia, A K
2014 Development and characterization of ethylcellulose based microsphere for sustained release of nifedipineParida, P; Mishra, S C; Sahoo, S; Behera, A; Nayak, B P
Jan-2006 Development and Characterization of Metal Matrix Composite Using Red Mud an Industrial Waste for Wear Resistant ApplicationsNaresh Prasad; Acharya, S K
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