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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2010 Chronoamperometric And Structural Studies Of Potentiostatistically Deposited Nickel In Presence Of UltrasoundDas, A; Mallik, A; Ray, B C
Feb-2012 Class-C Power amplifier Design For GSM ApplicationSamal, L; Mahapatra, K K; K, Raghu Ram
2012 Classification of Biomaterials used in MedicineParida, P; Behera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Apr-2014 Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias based on Dual Tree Complex Wavelet TransformThomas, M; Das, M K; Ari, S
2009 Classification of Coal Seams with Respect to their Spontaneous Heatingg Susceptibility using K-means ClusteringSahu, H B; Panigrahi, D C; Mohapatra, S S
2004 Classification of coal seams with respect to their spontaneous heating susceptibility—a neural network approachPanigrahi, D C; Sahu, H B
2006 Classification of objects and background using parallel genetic algorithm based clusteringKanungo, P; Nanda, P K; Ghosh, A; Samal, U C
2007 Classification of Objects and Background Using Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based ClusteringKanungo, P; Nanda, P K; Ghosh, A
Apr-2000 Classification of power system disturbances using a fuzzy expert system and a Fourier linear combinerDash, P K; Mishra, S; Salama, M M A; Liew, A C
2006 A class of slipline field solutions for extrusion through wedge shaped dies with slipping frictionDas, N S; Maity, K P
Oct-2001 A class of slipline field solutions for metal machining with Coulomb friction at the chip–tool interfaceMaity, K P; Das, N S
Nov-1999 A class of slip-line field solutions for metal machining with elastic contactMaity, K P; Das, N S
Oct-2001 A class of slipline field solutions for metal machining with slipping and sticking contact at the chip-tool interfaceMaity, K P; Das, N S
Nov-1996 A class of upper-bound solutions for the extrusion of square shapes from square billets through curved diesMaity, K P; Kar, P K; Das, N S
2004 A closed loop observer for rotor flux estimation in induction machinesMohanty, K B
Jan-2015 Cloud Computing Features, Issues and Challenges: A Big PicturePuthal, D; Sahoo, B P S; Mishra, S; Swain, S
2008 Cloud Removal from Satellite Images Using Auto Associative Neural Network and Stationary Wevlet TransformSahoo, T; Patnaik, S
2004 Coatability of Redmud on Metal SubstratesSatapathy, Alok; Mishra, S C; Sreekumar, K P; Ananthapadmanabhan, P V
Dec-2012 Coating Material Interaction on Metal Substrate by Application of Plasma SprayingBehera, Ajit; Sahoo, S K; Mishra, S C
2005 Co-balancing Numbers and Co-balancersPanda, G K; Ray, P K
2002 Colloid-associated contaminant transport in porous media: 1. Experimental studiesSen, T K; Mahajan, S P; Khilar, K C
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