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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1995 Prediction Of Minimum Fluidization Velocity And Bed Pressure Drop In Non-circular Gas-solid Fluidized BedSingh, R K; Suryanarayana, A; Roy, G K
1985 Prediction of minimum fluidization velocity for gas-solid fluidization of regular particles in conical vesselsBiswal, K C; Bhowmik, T; Roy, G K
1989 Prediction of Minimum Liquid-Solid Semifluidization Velocity from Bed-Expansion DataRoy, G K
Nov-1975 Prediction of Minimum Semi-Fluidization Velocity (From Minimum Fluidization Velocity) of Irregular Particles in Liquid-Solid Systems by NomographRoy, G K
Feb-1992 Prediction of Minimum Velocity and Minimum Bed Pressure Drop for Gas-Solid Fluidization in Conical ConduitsSingh, R K; Suryanarayana, A; Roy, G K
2010 Prediction of mode-I overload-induced fatigue crack growth rates using neuro-fuzzy approachMohanty, J R; Verma, B B; Ray, P K; Parhi, D R K
2000 Prediction of Moisture Content and Mechanical Properties in FRP CompositesSaha, J K; Ray, B C
Jun-1971 Prediction of Onset Semifluidization, Maximum Semifluidization Velocities and the Packed Bed HeightRoy, G K; Sarma, K J R
Jun-1988 Prediction of Optimum Economic Pipe Diameter by NomographRoy, G K
2003 Prediction of Overbreak in Underground Tunnel Blasting: A Case StudyMurthy, V M S R; Dey, K; Raitani, R
May-2011 Prediction of pile-separation length under vertical vibration using ANNDas, S K; Manna, B; Baidya, D K
Jun-1977 Prediction of Pressure Drop Across A Gas-Solid Semi-fluidized BedRoy, G K; Sarma, K J R
Mar-1978 Prediction of Pressure Drop across a Liquid-Solid Semifluidized BedRoy, G K; Sarma, K J R
2006 Prediction of Pressure Drop and Top Packed Bed Height in Three-Phase Semi-fluidized Bed with Cylindrical ParticlesSimon, A P; Thakur, C; Moghekar, D M; Jena, H M
1984 Prediction of Pressure Drop for a Conical Fixed Bed of Spherical Particles in Gas-Solid SystemsBiswal, K C; Bhowmik, T; Roy, G K
1984 Prediction of pressure drop for a conical fixed bed of spherical particles in gas—solid systemsBiswal, K C; Bhowmik, T; Roy, G K
2009 Prediction of residual fatigue life under interspersed mixed-mode (I and II) overloads by Artificial Neural NetworkMohanty, J R; Parhi, D R K; Ray, P K; Verma, B B
2008 Prediction of Residual Friction Angle of Clays using Artificial Neural NetworkDas, S K; Basudhar, P K
2004 Prediction of salt effect in vapour-liquid equilibria of system ethyl acetate-ethanol at atmospheric pressureRath, P; Naik, S C
Jan-1977 Prediction of Semifluidization Velocity and Packed Bed Formation for Heterogeneous Mixtures in Liquid-Solid SystemsRoy, G K; Biswal, K C
May-1975 Prediction of Semi-fluidization Velocity of Irregular Particles in Liquid-Solid SystemRoy, G K; Sarma, K J R
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